Which three get your votes?

2 (8%)
2. Untitled
2 (8%)
The Perfect Plan
2 (8%)
They Didn't Know They Were Robots
2 (8%)
5. Untitled
4 (16%)
Perfect Footing
3 (12%)
7. Untitled
3 (12%)
Baise Moi
3 (12%)
On This Night of Merry Dancers
1 (4%)
3 (12%)
Perfect Day
0 (0%)

Total Members Voted: 9

Voting closed: May 13, 2013, 12:41:35 PM

Author Topic: Voting for Poetry: Perfection #75  (Read 1061 times)

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Voting for Poetry: Perfection #75
« on: May 06, 2013, 12:41:36 PM »
Enjoy! ;D Thank you everyone for entering . . . and for not ignoring my messages. :D

1 Perfection

Perfection in the words that we write.
Endeavouring to sound oh so trite
Reasonable sounds, our wit then abounds
For publication or perusal, or a look.
Each of us competing for her crown.
Create our own little ditties around
To look urbane, or even witty
In all that we do, to become pithy
On paper or magnetic 
New better poets are relatively few.

2 Untitled

A circle is perfect
perfectly round
Itís infinitely circular
no alpha or omega
mathematically precise
except for endless pi

In nature circles abound
straight lines do not
See the sun and moon
the pupil and water-bead

The circle is
surely manís first symbol
simple genius of the wheel
most efficient building ratio
mysterious in crops
and ancient in stone

The immaculate zero
will always remain
In any chosen direction
the circle is perfection.

3 The Perfect Plan

Jesus Christ , she gets on his tits
though at first he admits
that he loved her to bits
itís got worse over the years but
he gets used to it, turns a deaf ear
to the constant nagging, then
she  decides  to move  the old-bag in
and he gets it in stereo
What to do? He doesnít know
then has an idea and suddenly
everything is clear, wonít be cheap
might cost him dear, that doesnít matter
he wonít shed a tear

he smiles, now a happy man
he just thought up
the perfect plan.

4 They Didn't Know They Were Robots

We love them like kids,
boot them up when
they sleep through alarms,
tidy the system leaks

diagnostics fail to pinpoint,
make frantic run-time changes
when they threaten to kill us
and can't escape the loop

no matter how often we press their buttons.
When we shut them down at night
and they question their perfect conception,
we explain about FedEx Home Deliveries

and they tell us they love us
wrap their metal arms around us
and we can pretend the light
in their eyes doesn't fade, doesn't die.

5 Untitled

Perfection is humility in reverse;
Like gardening on your knees,
praying in or to the dirt
as if the perfect seed will ruffle forth
like bristling ferns curdled with repetition
so do the seeds that yield greatness.

6     Perfect Footing

Dew flashes back sparkly
bits of sky, finally, maybe
we see around people
in the way, holding on to us.
Of course we have held on
to less, and to better.
             A man stumbles, 
rights himself. I look back,
smile, we make it to the clouds.

7 Untitled

The children are all asleep
and all thatís left is you and me,
the dog sleeping at our feet
and an unopened bottle of wine
as we watch the salmon-pink sun settle in the west,
hear the pigeonís coo-coo coo coo-coos overhead,
sending us to sleep.

8 Baise Moi

Whisper the word Ďperfectí
and see a cupidís bow
cleft in pucker
to kiss things better,
buss congratulations
or commiserations,
print lipstick on love letters
or pout come hither
and blow soft breaths
on collar bones and necks.

9 On This Night of Merry Dancers

Light flickers against fresh snow
flames lick high, crackle logs
and spit conversation
by the highland campfire
where wrapped in our sheepskin jackets
we stamp boots to warm chill-nipped toes,
toast smores, count stars,
read moon clouds and wait
for the Northern Lights show.

10 Euphonics

Tingle-raised goosebumps
make tiny hairs
dance in shivered ecstasy.
Music sneaks under the skin
and travels deep within
finding a place to stir
an excitable harmony
pulsing in ears and loins.

11 Perfect Day

Giggles, good food
in the company of friends
and family, crazy as they are,
a good deed done
without expectation of return,
more giggles from tickles
my three year old squeals
delight, peace, sleep.