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Bloody Mary
« on: September 16, 2006, 04:20:16 AM »

Zoe (Roses best friend)
Teacher (Mrs Wainright)
Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary

Narrator: Shelby went to play with Elle after dinner at school.

Shelby: Letís go to the quiet area Elle.

Elle: Ok I need to go to the toilet anyway.

Narrator: But when the two friends got there, they heard something they had never heard before.

Pupil: (scared) I saw Bloody Mary in the girls toilets, it was horrible.

Shelby: (confused) what are they talking about?

Elle: Donít have a clue.

Narrator: The girls were so interested in this they had to find out what was going on,  finally they found someone who would listen to them.

Shelby: Jess have you heard about this bloody Mary stuff.

Jess: Yes I have It was started by George.

Elle: Are you shure.

Jess: Em..I think so.

Shelby: Ok thanks.

Narrator: The girls found India on the playground and went over to her.

It's going to be my story, It's just a plan of it.
I've only done a bit at the minute.
Please comment.
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Re: Bloody Mary
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Have you seen the web site   I think you would enjoy that too. Its more geared to your age group and looks very exciting.   I enjoyed your script, but I think as we have mainly adults on this site, you will get some comments, but I think your stories might be also appreciated on the cw4k site as well.   Keep up the good work.   Well done.

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Re: Bloody Mary
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Hey Lin,

I've just taken a look over there it's brilliant. Some of the stuff is not as good as Graceful's, I think she would love it!

This work needs some more pieces before anyone can really give comments that are helpful!
Big T  :o

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Re: Bloody Mary
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Thank you, to both of you. :)

I will check that web site out.
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Re: Bloody Mary
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I really like that.
A sceptical narrator will work wonderfully against the defined schoolgirl characters you are already drawing.
I want to be introduced to the chacacters in your cast list I haven't had the opportunity to meet yet.
The title is intriguing - I'm on tenterhooks for the next episode.

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Re: Bloody Mary
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I like it Grace! By any chance does it have something to do with a rumour at school a while ago?
 8) :o 8) :o ???

I think it has got a lot to do with the rumour don't you
Can't wait to  hear the rest of it!
I have signed up for cw4k it looks really good
nuneatonstar ;)
Emily (hopefully future author)


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Re: Bloody Mary
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I look forward to seeing more. would be an excellent help for you.