Author Topic: Here is a challenge that may prove to be most intriguing  (Read 880 times)

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Here is a challenge that may prove to be most intriguing
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Character challenge. Create a character.....
But don't just create the character in itself. Create a character that is unique. What does he/she look like, hair, eyes, smile. Does the character have any tattoos or piercings. Does he/she smoke. What is he/she wearing. What kind of music does He/she like. Favorite foods and colors.
Give your Character a personality and an emotion that is unique to your character. Once you have done that. Give your character a name

I will start. This is a character from a short story that I have previously written. But I never got in to deep with the character. So here goes.

My character already has a name and few things about her. So lets go from there.
Her name is Leah. So now where do I go from here. I am going to start with her history....
So Leah is 19 years old. When she was 18 she lost both her parents to Alcohol. A murder suicide to be exact. Before she lost her parents thought she was very active in many different areas. She Loved to sing and was part of her church choir. She wrote poetry and songs and loved to hang out with her friends. She was always spending time with her mom also. The night that she had lost her parents was the same day that she had received an acceptance letter from a major art school in GA. and was ecstatic.

So now you know a bit about Leah's History. So what did she look like. Well. Leah stood about 5'4 and had long blonde hair that flowed just down below her shoulders with a natural curl to it. Her eye's were a light blue color that was just amazing and a great smile. You know, like the ones you see on a swim suit model. Her cheek bones are a very noticeable as they sit high. As if she might have Cherokee in her blood like. All in all, Leah is beautiful   

What did she like to wear? Leah loved to wear a variety of diff styles. From your average Sunday dress to a typical everyday pair of holister  jeans with a light colored t-shirt.

What kind of music did Leah like? Leah listened to mostly country and alternative worship. Some rock music but not to much.

She loved Italian food. It's part of her heritage as her great grandmother was from Italy

Ok, so there is my character. Your turn. Feel free to give feed back on Leah