Author Topic: My first writing...not sure what it is.  (Read 2529 times)

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Re: My first writing...not sure what it is.
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Lin, like other folks who replied to my sent me on a research mission.  I desperately wish I could explain how very uneducated I am.  At the same time I thank you for showing me new things.  I didn't write so many more rhyming things after Victor responded to my first post.  Some small lol's like - Poo

My mind: A child who swallowed a jewel.
My words: A hand sifting through the stool.

Actually find myself 25kish into a story since I took his critique to heart.  Thing is, the couple of folks close to me who read the beginning of the story say its worth attempting to publish.  The research I've done has led me to believe that I shouldn't post anything online that I hope to publish and that sucks because you guys are awesome.  So damn.  Ty.

-Floundering Plum