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The seeds of misfortune
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The seeds of misfortune:(80 000 words +)

The novel revolves around Fred Simmons and his family. Set in South Africa the legal and law enforcement agencies are thwart with corruption. The average citizen is law abiding but when faced with struggling to earn a living by being incorruptible and honest, the temptation to participate in illegal activities is to lucrative to ignore. He gives into temptation and thrives on the spoils of his illicit gains, but there is always a price to be paid .He gets caught in a Police sting and is incarcerated, here like others he is further corrupted and on his release is disillusioned with life in general. Enter Joseph Moore an emissary from the white side who has spent two centuries on earth trying to sway mankind to do his sides will and further his side’s cause. Joan Simmons, Fred’s wife, has dark secrets and these are slowly laid bare to Blake, especially her relationship with Blake White her cousin. Blake White is affluent and powerful but fate intervenes when he transgressors the law once too often just for the thrill of it. He looses both his son's in a tragic hijacking incident and his wife Linda, is committed to an assylum.The hijackers come from a dirt poor community where criminal activities are accepted and the criminals respected .The world they grow up in is one of violence, vice and substance abuse. Fred is influenced to act as an instrument of vengeance with catastrophic repercussions. His estranged son Simon enters the army and unwittingly is embroiled in the battle for his soul facing the realisms and horror of war. Simon is in an environment he enjoys and is a gifted strategist and leader, his experiences in the bush war and subsequent mercenary activities highlight the cruelty, brutallity and futility of warfare. His marriage and untimely demise leaves an offspring to continue the struggle. Lucian Damon is the emissary from the dark side and has a host of characters who are willing to carry out his evil works. Mills, the coward in the heat of battle, who runs a drug and stolen car syndicate and is himself strung out on alcohol and chemicals. He is welcomed into the highest echelons of society, irrespective of his criminal activities as he has access to drugs, woman and money. He however comes face to face with his nemesis from his army years, Simon Simmons and the meeting has only one conclusion the demise of one or the other.  Due to the two emissaries’s clever manipulation of mortals they each strive to get rid of each others prodegies.They utilise mortals to eliminate a complete blood line of the chosen families, the core to their survival is to outwit each other. They have however also being corrupted through the ages by mankind and will go to any length to control mankind. Through their influences women fall prey to their chosen protégées and are introduced to drugs, sex and the powers of money. Rachel, an adventurous youngster bears the bloodline of the chosen, but falls foul of temptations of life and his young life is tragically ended but not before he has fulfilled Damon's goal of carrying on the bloodline. Linda Blake, the widower of Blake is the human incubator and Damon's ace up the sleeve. Joseph Moore also tries to continue the bloodline through Candice Simmons the widower of Simon Simmons this is his ace .Damon is however aware of this and will try and influence control over her offspring. Julian Damon breaks a cardinal rule by trying to father his own bloodline through Deidre, a self opinionated and over ambitious female, as a slap in the face of Joseph Moore. Moore however interferes and influences matters through her husband and the threat is nullified through his violent actions. This leads to a confrontation between Moore and Damon, but due to unwritten laws which were agreed to by much higher beings they cannot engage in mortal combat and in the ensuing encounter they are almost both sent into infinity due to their actions. The emissaries have also unwittingly succumbed to man - kind’s weaknesses and are on their own mission and have lost the plot. The dark side has however secured the continent of Antarctica and are now free to join their fellow warriors on the other continents thus strengthening their influence over that continent. Damon has been exposed to the ageing process due to his non-adherence to the unwritten laws, but his position is strengthened with the arrival of another warrior. The pendulum has now swung in the direction of the dark side and Damon will exploit this to his full advantage. Joseph Moore will face his adversaries at a disadvantage and is left wondering what the future holds.

My name is Michael Marx, I am 47 years of age and an accountant by trade. I have been exposed to the corruption and greed of individuals and companies. I was conscripted to the Army for a period of 2 years and then had to do 3 month camps in the operational area for the next 8 years. During my army stint I entertained with my stories and always have befriended people who have transgressed the rules of society. These people always have a set of circumstances which seems to mould them into this way of life. I have also conducted extensive research into the drug and alcohol abuse of individuals and the illegal dealings of traffickers. The army does not distinguish between race or have class distinctions. Many individuals never recover from their ordeals and turn to criminal activities, because of their rejection of society. The novel will appeal to a mature audience who enjoy a fast moving action novel which forces one to face the atrocities which are present everyday and ignored by most people. The Armeggon will not happen as man has become too strong for the powers that be to conquer or engage us and man-kind can only destroy or weaken himself through manipulation by an outside force. The books ending lends the opportunity for a sequel and I am at present busy with it.     


Have you ever wondered why certain events occur on a world wide basis? Why a horrendous accident occurs, why murderous acts are carried out? Could it not be all part of a sinister plot which is being played out before our very eyes and we are unwilling conspirators? Just take time to think it over.

Below is a chapter by chapter break down of the above novel.

Chapter one:

Introduction to Fred Simmons, a god fearing, honest hard working human being. His objectives climbing up the corporate ladder and being a success. He is corrupted by greed and enters into illegal activities, is caught and incarcerated. Begins doubting the whole system of law and order. Suffers severe depression and medicates himself with alcohol and spirals out of control.

Chapter two:

Introduces Joan Simmons, Fred’s wife, and her dark secret she shares with her cousin Blake White .This sets their families on a path of destruction from which there is no escape from the hand of fate.

Chapter Three:

Introduction to the pawns who will unwittingly be guided to carry out atrocities by a spate of events which they have no control of. The characters are born into poverty and try and uplift themselves through a life of crime with catastrophic consequences.

Chapter four:

Blake White and his family pay the ultimate price for his indiscretions committed through the violent drug induced actions of the pawns.

Chapter Five:

Fred’s preparation and guidance under the tutorage of Joseph Moore, the light entity emissary. He is encouraged and taught the art of conveying the art of death and destruction.

Chapter six:

The pawns pay the ultimate price for their failed criminal apprenticeship, they served their purpose in the broad schemed of events and were found wanting. Where poverty prevails one mans demise opens a whole new future to another.

Chapter seven:

Fred’s final awakening and call to action, he eliminates the protégés in a violent and bloody confrontation. Dealing the dark force a telling blow which they will not take lying down.

  Chapter Eight:

The aftermath of the bloody confrontation, the investigation and Media frenzy which follows.

Chapter Nine:

Introduction of the dark side emissary, Lucian Damon, and his protégé Mills.  His life and personal hell at being conscripted into the army.

 Chapter ten:

Meet Simon Simmons, the prodigal son of Fred and Joan, as he leads his troops into a bloody skirmish with insurgent’s .Experience the senseless and tragic loss of life as seen through the eyes of the insurgents and defenders of morality.

Chapter eleven:

Simon Simmons and Thabo Mabotso join forces and form a mercenary group. They now perfect a blue print for ethnic cleansing and it is enthusiastically   pursued by all and sundry.

Chapter twelve.

A disillusioned Simon Simmons returns home to hear the tragic news of the demise of his entire family. He finds consolation and a zest for life for a short while in the arms of Candice Trent. The Final confrontation between Mills and Simmons.

 Chapter Thirteen:

The intervention of Joseph Moore to thwart Lucian Damon’s plans. Lucian Damon’s strategy is revealed through Rachel, who is mother to a chosen bloodline which must survive.

Chapter Fourteen:

The manipulation of the Mark, who must at all costs ensure that the bloodline is strengthened and continued in future generations. This is forms an integral part of Damon’s strategy.   

 Chapter Fifteen:

  Julian Damon begins to display the flaws of mankind which he so intensely deplores.

His impatience and fears drive him to father a child with Deidre, another of his willing converts. Joseph Moore again intervenes to prevent this unholy alliance.

Chapter sixteen:

The confrontation between Damon and Moore where their aims and goals are exposed. The two mortal enemies engage in combat with severe repercussions for the combatants.

Chapter seventeen:

The pendulum has swung in the favour of the dark entity and Joseph Moore faces an uphill struggle. The dark entity now feels confident and decides to eradicate him.

Will he be able to survive this powerful onslaught without exposing his true identity to the world?