Author Topic: Are cars really seen as private space, possibly an extension of your home?  (Read 683 times)

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I know the theory that cars are psychologically part of your home, your own space.  Which is why you'll sometimes see people excavating their nose or groping their passenger when waiting at traffic lights.  And although I've never owned a car myself I know they're more convenient than booking a room.  But. . .

Coming back from the shops late tonight I saw a car parked near our house, with the interior light on.  It's a popular corner for people saying goodnight to each other, and the streetlights are plenty bright enough for anyone who doesn't want to rely solely on tactile feedback.  Because of the lights I initially though it belonged to the dotty old chap across the road who often leaves his interior light on all night. Probably to keep his porch light company.

But no, as I got nearer I saw a bare arm and the back of a head as the driver leaned across to the passenger and realised the driver was female.  So I assumed some lass with a licence was dropping off her boyfriend.

I don't deliberately spy on people, but writers don't miss much, even with a passing glance.

Two rather attractive girls having a seemingly enjoyable game of tonsil tennis.  I'll admit I looked again, to see if my eyes were confusing me and they were both wearing skirts so I doubt very much if one of them was a somewhat effeminate boy.

I'm also glad to say I didn't recognise either of them.  It's quite possible they never even saw me, dark clothes, dim street, until I was well past their car and under the next lamp.

So my question, psychologically, did they not care that the interior light was on, or were they deliberately making a public statement?

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Probably both.

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There is a practice in the UK called 'dogging' whereby people make out in cars at certain public spots, usually out in the country, and the turning on or off of interior lights signify whether they want people to 'join in' or just watch.

Perhaps the couple you saw were practising a newer, more brazen and public approach to this? Most probably though, they're just exhibitionists who get off on shocking or tantalising passers-by.

Personally, I am going to give the matter of short skirted lesbians making out in cars much deep and private thought this afternoon.  :-*

Thank you for sharing.  ;)