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OPEN for Submissions!

Pugalicious Press is a green company. We are now accepting e-mail submissions for middle grade and young adult books and graphic novels for these age groups.

Our main focus is on fantasy, high adventure, historical fiction, and (a very small number of) dystopian (but only if it has a fantastical element). If your book has a unique protagonist, unique world, or unique twist, we welcome your query.

We are not accepting picture books, chapter books, poetry or non-fiction submissions. Response time for queries is 4-6 weeks. If your full manuscript is requested, expect a response from us in 8 to 12 weeks.

Both Joyce and Jen are actively pursuing unique historical fiction, fantasy and high adventure.

Please query Pugalicious Press at submission (at) pugaliciouspress (dot) com.
Your subject line should include: “Submission,” the title, and indicate whether it is a MG or YA.
Your email must be in standard query letter format (see Nathan Bransford’s blog) and include the following information: Title and description of manuscript, word count, genre, your writing background and credits (if any), and your mailing address.
Please include the first five pages of your manuscript pasted into the body of your email.
Please include your bio with a list of publishing credits if you have them.
Make sure that your query letter is succinct (see Query Letter Mad Lib by Nathan Bransford) and tells us the plot of the story; we will not take a guess. And don’t leave us hanging, we want to know how it ends.

If you are interested in illustrating for Pugalicious Press, please submit a cover letter detailing your experience, and include links to digital samples of your work and all contact information by email to submission (at) pugaliciouspress (dot) com. The subject line should contain “Artist Submission.” Do not include attachments.

We would like to see both black and white illustration and cover work in your submission. If you are just starting out, don’t despair, we love new artists and illustrators. Pugalicious Press is emerging artist friendly.
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