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SQ Mag call for submissions
« on: June 30, 2012, 10:40:00 PM »
Hi Folks

SQ Mag has just released edition #3, at

Great cover, great stories and reviews. We are still keen on more quality submissions, and we have noticed two recent trends:

1. Mostly US submissions (they will always have the majority, re population, but we certainly would like to see other idioms, particularly Australian and UK - although we did have one UK English horror piece), and

2. There have been a huge influx of horror stories compared to other genres. Again, we don't mind, but it would be lovely to see more fantasy and scifi, not to mention specialised subgenres, like steampunk, apocalyptic, etc.

While I have your attention, a quick heads up that the 4th Story Quest Short Story Contest will be open soon - 1 August, and aside from case prizes, the short listed stories will appear in SQ Mag next year and will potentially get included in the yearly roundup, 'best of' print and ebook anthology.

Come visit SQ Mag and subscribe - easiest way to keep up with things, and it's free.

Gerry Huntman
SQ Mag
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