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Union Street - the darkest of the midnight places
Raucous voices echo to me,
In the small room,
Where I hide my fear.

Union Street - electric flash,
Steel moon on steel blade
And another friday night victim,
Soft pale flesh on dank uneven concrete.

Two eyes,
Two frightened eyes, behind the window
In the small room
Where fear resides.

Two hands
Two black hands make the night last so long
As if frozen to the face
No effort to make it to the early hours.

Union Street - lapping round the doorstep
Like an ocean to the shore,
A tidal wave of decaying morality
Knocking at my door.

Union Street - the devil's nightspot,
The high life for the hideous,
And a wall, a cardboard thin wall
Of a small room, where fear resides.

Two eyes,
Two frightened eyes, anxious to see
Some movement from the black clock hands
So slow to announce the dawn.

Then sunlight,
And a gentle breeze,
And life again
On Union Street.