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Novel extract - Slowly Died Spinet (2) - List of characters
« on: February 01, 2006, 03:51:16 PM »
Following comments from those who have reviewed my draft novel, I thought it would be useful to give a list of characters to avoid confusing my readers. This list is not in order of appearance as the novel backtracks considerably. It is posted later in the page. In addition I am preparing a glossary of techical terms - although some have gone into the English language - this will follow in a subsequent post.


Cast of Characters

 Members of Resistance Groupe Spinet

 Henri de Claviere – unscrupulous businessman, onetime airman.
 Isabelle de Claviere –formerly Larroux bigamous wife of Henri.
 Philip Mockfort – military historian and teacher.
 Robert Springett – retired engineer and treasure hunter.
 Armand Gropier – stonemason.
 Gaston Gropier – son of Armand Gropier stonemason.
 Françoise Gropier – nee Fautrice, widow of Gaston Gropier.
 Jean Claude Melanque – deceased first husband of Françoise Gropier.
 Rosalie Deviere – chambermaid - Françoise friend
 Bertrand Piennes – farmer.
 Patrice Piennes – deceased.
 Rene Delors – village drunk.
 Daniel Burgoigne – engineer.
 Charles Fournier – blacksmith.
 David Meunier – student.
 Pierre Chellin - student
 Jolie Pondice – student.
 Marcel Toureve – student.
 Monsieur and Madame Lavelle – farmer and wife.
Frenchmen and women at Château Descameneux
Count Harold de Descameneux – Great War hero.
Countess Genevieve de Descamenaux – wife of Count Harold.
Norbert Feldman – butler.
Adele Fautrice  - mother of Françoise Fautrice, head cook.
Evangeline Corbette – a cook.
Madame Hilaire Guillot – housekeeper.
Martin Peridaunt – Rosalie Deviere’s boyfriend – deported to
Doctor Lefevre – the village doctor.
Père George Matroh  – village priest.
Madame Therese Gautier – the priest’s housekeeper.
Philip Lamot – the village undertaker.
The Allies – American - crew of C47 Swampbunny
Arnold Ross – USAF pilot.
Phil Newman– co-pilot.
Sam Massingham – crewchief.               
Nick Clancy  - radio operator.
The Allies – American – tankcrew
Second Lieutenant Joe Pressman.
The Allies – American
General George S Patton.
USAF policemen.
The Allies – RAF crew of T- Tommy then M- Mike
Doug Jamieson – pilot.
Mike Walker – bomb aimer.
Pete Channing – navigator.
Charlie Peacock – wireless operator.
Alan Maine – mid upper gunner.
Nigel Chambers – rear gunner
The Allies – RAF crew of V- Vickie
Dickie Richardson – pilot
Dennis Anderson – bomb aimer.
Pete Stottle – navigator.
Jock Cameron – wireless operator.
Ken Greenfield – mid upper gunner.
Charlie Taylor – rear gunner.
The Allies – WRAFs
Jacqueline – administrator who becomes Henri’s fiancee.
Big Tess – Jacqueline’s bete noire.
Special Operations Executive – personnel
Captain Barker
Colonel Flamstead
Bert, Charles, George, Helen – agents
The opposition – the Germans and their allies.
Lothar Pawnow – former Wehrmacht Corporal.
Gerhard Scholtz – former Wehrmacht machine gunner.
Dirk Pabst – Wehrmacht motorcycle machine gunner.
Raymond de Descameneux – son of Count Harold de Descameneux,
collaborator and black-marketeer.
Janet Pousset – Raymond’s girlfriend.
Jules le Cren – a black-marketeer who shares a hut with
Henri Clavier in a P.O.W. camp in Germany.
Latterday Frenchmen and women.
Luc Le Cren – Henri de Claviere’s chief of staff.
Victor de Claviere – Henri de Claviere’ s son – a computer whiz kid.
Charles Plouvier – an accountant
Paul Metier – a marketing manager.
Charles Poncieuse – Henri de claviere’s police associate
The Charbonneau Twins – a pair of villains.
Annette Neules, Marie Hollice and Jules Morrell – staff
at Leclerc Vieux Rosnans.
Patrice Gannon and Valentin Caulman – traffic policemen.
Marcel Degas – a tractor driver.   
Madame Beatrice Thierry – Philip Mockfort’s housekeeper.
Agent Soubichet – a Surete agent.
Latterday Americans
Pete Ross – a scrap dealer  - son of Arnold Ross.
Tom Machin – a USAF navigator.
Ernie Hoffman – former US Marine flier.
Tocsin Tony – a demolition expert and treasure hunter,
Latterday – English
Mark King – accountant and historian.
Vivienne Dorling – Mark’s long suffering fiancee
Gerald Holman – Accountant – Mark’s boss.
Johhnie and Dannie Hammond – electronics security specialists.

I make it 86 in all not forgetting a few walk on parts.

Looking forward to your reviews.

Have Thinkpad will write

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Re: Novel extract - Slowly Died Spinet (2) - List of characters
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Hi Goeff,

  Oh my goodness. I felt overwhelmed. A guy could get lost in your world of characters. You must have an amazing imagination to keep track of them all. I don't think I could remember them all without your reference list. Now I'd like to read the story to see how they all get along.  :) mary