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Novel extract - Slowly died Spinet
« on: February 01, 2006, 03:36:03 PM »
Dear all.

This is a description of my French heroine in my military history thriller. We meet Francoise in her later years just before she becomes a heroine for the second time.

The sub title for my novel is 'Rollover Charlotte Gray'. it is set in wartime England and France Germany and post war in the same countries in different decades.

My next post will give more details of the remainder of the characters.

I look forward to your comments.

Philip turned into the walled entrance of  ‘Maçons Gropiers’ past the display of white marble headstones, Corinthian columns and dreamy Greek goddesses in flowing robes and through a narrow entrance to emerge in front of a brown timber framed ‘farmhouse’ with bright yellow panelling and black latticed windows fronted by green flower filled window boxes.
No need to knock: Françoise emerged from the open door. She stood about 1metre 65 tall, some would have called her ‘big-boned’ not fat, more statuesque, with well-defined curves in the right places. Her face was kindly and well tanned with grey/blue eyes under slightly hooded eyebrows. Her short yellow dress in classical style, took ten years off her age, slightly belied by her white hair done up in a compact French pleat. She stepped out majestically, head held high, and beamed.
‘Ah Philip. You’ve brought your friend Mark.’ Françoise declared in English with only a slight accent and proceeded enthusiastically to hug and kiss us in turn on both cheeks.
 ‘And you two gallant gentlemen are going to escort me to my favourite restaurant, Le Souterreanean in Tours, the one I wished I had opened myself. It’s far better than going to the Café Bearn and nattering with old Therese and the girls.’ 
Françoise flounced into the front seat and kept up a constant stream of chatter.
Le Souterreanean proved to be a large premise partially underground and decorated in a pseudo Prehistoric style. We dined on a Terrine baked in the wood oven and flavoured with onion jam. A main course of Leg of duckling prepared in Chinon wine with vegetables of the day followed. A bottle of the regional, Gamay, wine took us through to the sweet of Tender Chocolate cake.
Our conversation ranged from current political trends in France to the correct length of time to marinate a duckling before roasting. Not unnaturally it included Françoise’s favourite subjects, her grandchildren, life in the Resistance and latterly life as the wife of one of France’s foremost stonemasons, Gaston Gropier whose untimely death she attributed to their former comrade Henri de Claviere.


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Re: Novel extract - Slowly died Spinet
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Hi again,

  Your descriptive talents are very nice. Very nice. I think I'm hungry.  :) mary