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Medea's Fury
« on: August 30, 2006, 01:36:28 AM »
Medea's Fury - a light, comical poem about a woman spurned.

You Swine!
The things I did for you mean nothing anymore;
I left the land of Colchis and became your foreign whore.
You want that Argive floozy? I'll pretend to walk away.
And when no one is looking, I'll make you bastards pay!   
Did you forget?
For you to claim the Golden Fleece, I put to sleep the beast.
Had I known you were a jerk, you would have been his feast.
I fled. I smote. I boarded your boat and cut my bro to parts.
Daddy wept, you laughed aloud, and I gave you my heart.

How could you?
Ten long years, I was your wife, a loyal one at that!
But weary now you are of me, you think me an old bat.
Since I bore two strapping sons, I've gained a little weight.
But so have you, you're also bald; we've both succumbed to fate.

Sweet revenge!
And here I am a lonely witch; you have your Grecian skank -
Or had ; for now that I am done with her, she smells a little rank.
Look at who is lonely now! I killed your only seeds.
Find solace in your young-charred bride, she'll satisfy your needs.