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Some of my Poetry
« on: August 30, 2006, 01:32:27 AM »
Here it is, I hope you like  ^_^   Incedentally this and much more is on my livejournal:

The Walking Woman

Woman walking by,
What name do thay call thee?
Long brown hair that flashes down-
And full red lips not made to frown
A Lipring, meant to tease
You smile at me, and then say "Hi."
I smile back a bit
And you walk on, with long, lean strides
Not knowing what I writ

The Task of All

Twinkle, brightness in the night
May you set the heavens ablaze
Scare the darkness in the light
Sun, bring forth your golden rays

Impossible to sense or see
A balance ever-present we-
It is our task not to laugh or cheer
But to quell the pain of all our fears

And to sing to stars when they grow dim
To make them brighten up again
And to dance beneath the starry sky
To make the heavens whirl and fly

To scare away the dark of night
With the power of our joy and light
To comfort those who feel down-
The sick, the lame, the beset-around

For if we do not do all this
Our world will be cold and dark
No tenderness to grace our day,
No closeness in our beds will stay

Eternity Forever

Looking out my window at the darkness
Eternity of nothing goes on forever
Alone in all the world we are apart
Incapable of seeing what we want to be

Down between the hills of ruined cities
Vestal virgins dance beside the fire
Shadows dancing weakly on the walls
Echoing the chorus of ages past

We climb above a hill and watch necropolis
A city of the dead-it has no meaning
Turn our backs on it for warmer lands
Our footsteps lie forever in the sand

~ No Title ~

What is truth and how can we begin to know it?
Does it seem to ecompass all of us?
We stand apart, a people set above,
Destined to forever see
What we cannot ever be

Battered buildings stand as silent monuments
Deep inside our dreams we sense some meaning
We stand alone, a people set above
Destined to forever be
The people stumbling blindly

As a race we will continue on again
Traveling the dusty road of time forever
Watching empires rise and fall like dust-
The stumblings of petty things called men
We stand apart, a people set above
Destined to forever be
Walking onwards endlessly

~ Ye Mighty Planet Jupiter ~

Lambent planet burning bright
In star-pocked shadows of the night
Gigantic storms doth wheel around
Tumescent whorls forever bound

Oh mighty planet jupiter
(For 'tis how I look on thee)
Your reddish eye is looking out
On all eternity