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día ("day")
« on: August 29, 2006, 11:56:52 AM »

You don’t know what I am thinking

Or why my heart is sinking


Nor feel this feeling

Nor heal that killing


So play this sorrow

And be my angel

Forget about tomorrow

And free this anger


The moon has perished

It was my prey

The sun has vanished

Was murdered today


Below this reason

Lies no rage

It’s my own prison

It’s my own cage


That face they smiled loud

Way too sad for a song

In those eyes I saw a cloud

Way too dark, all night long


The most precious moment

In this miserable life

The less gracious comment

Of an uncertain strife


Are those when you say nothing

Those, when I wish we could be talking

But this sorrow makes me think

Of the reason I spilled this ink


To find no purpose or idea

To look no further for the unreal

To feel again this state of love ideal

To think I am falling, in this one “día”.