Author Topic: Five Short Winter Poems  (Read 8010 times)

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Five Short Winter Poems
« on: March 14, 2012, 11:23:29 AM »
December 6

late afternoon, seven below.
a nesting box hangs, empty
over a frozen pond.

finger drifts flood township roads,
corn stalk stubble, cold parched
haze from horizon up.

doors are closing,
groves huddle tighter,
A staunch V of geese flies high
the last bus out.

= = = = =

  Deep in January

if left to itself
cold reclaims trails
and all in between
the layering cadence
of glacial forerunners,
a twilight at mid-day.
So the tribes chisel
a way forward,
vigilance in the rotation
elders standing tall
by morning fire
for all who will listen.

= = = = =

          Snow Angels

Flat fields beset the county school,
we shuffle our boots in the snow.
Foot paths through endless drifts,
the tireless wind and swirling white
  generations of snow angels.

Today we concentrate on the task
places to go, importances to attend,
toward a voice that in strong
quiet moments we cannot hear.
Snow fills our footprints behind.

= = = = =

Blizzard March

Orange beasts come alive
snow plow, bus, bus, snow plow
tractor trailer, tractor trailer
rig, rig, rig, rig.

the army is on the move,
behind, beetles and gremlins --
the camp follower hussies.
= = = = =

The Big One

Pheasants pick pebbles along the roadside.
Snow falls lightly, it has forever.
We talk about the big ones, in 75, in 45, in 23.
We shake hands, and advise each other:
Get to where you want to be   the sky is falling.

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Re: Five Short Winter Poems
« Reply #1 on: March 20, 2012, 04:18:47 PM »
Hi Tracy, liked this piece a lot.
Whether 5 shorts or one combined poem, it works for me. Well done.

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Re: Five Short Winter Poems
« Reply #2 on: March 20, 2012, 06:44:59 PM »
Bowmore -
Thanks for the read and kind comment.   It never occurred to me to combine them.  With spring coming I just needed to off-load them and be done.  Glad you liked them.