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All Things If contest
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Here's the summary -

$500 Cash Prizes in Fiction and Non-Fiction Categories

We invite you to affirm one of the life lessons Kipling encouraged in his venerated poem “IF” in fiction, non-fiction or both. Choose one principle from Kipling’s poem (ex. “If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you” or “If you can make one heap of all your winnings and risk it on one turn of pitch and toss, and lose, and start again at your beginnings and never breath a word about your loss”) and demonstrate its meaning through story (fiction) or article (non-fiction).

Free to Enter (no fees)
Open to All (Under 18 with permission of guardian.)
Cash prizes will also be awarded for 2nd and 3rd place in each category, and your entry will be published in our online literary magazine “All Things If”.

Go for it, writers  ;)
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