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A moment with....fini
« on: August 28, 2006, 07:15:52 PM »
Rose was not able to meet Joanna on the next visit but she was there punctually a month later, eagerly looking forward to seeing Edmond. They walked along the hallway discussing friends, when they approached the open door of his room. The empty bed was freshly made with new sheets, a fluffed pillow and a folded blanket at the foot-end. Rose was surprised, anxious as she turned to her co-worker.
“I’m sorry...“ said Joanna nervously. “ Edmond passed away a few days ago. I didn’t have a chance to tell you yet.” She said, embarrassed for forgetting, but she would have remembered.
“But, he seemed so well...did you have a chance to speak with him at all? Do you think he was truly ‘saved‘?” She asked, wanting, needing to know her opinion.
“Oh, I believe so.” said Joanna, “I saw him a week after you talked to him, just before he died and he was so excited. He asked me to read Scripture to him and we prayed together. He thanked me for bringing you. You know, I spent almost my whole visit with him the last time and I’m glad now that I did. He insisted on telling me his life’s story, said he  wanted me to tell it to you if I saw you before he did. Joanna paused thoughtfully and went on, “You know I get the feeling right now that he knew his time was short and he wanted to be sure that you knew why he was ready to hear what you had to say.” She took Rose’s hand and went inside the room, closing the door behind them, sitting down on the freshly made bed, and began to tell her his story.

Edmond was young when he lost most of one leg during the second world war while running with Joshua, his buddy, to safety. They both fell from a blast at the same time. Joshua carried him a mile, praying aloud all the way. Edmond had never forgotten him, but then, they had stayed in touch sporadically over the span of many years. Joshua had become a minister after the war ended. Although he never openly confronted Edmond with the Gospel, his strong sustaining faith spoke clearly through the pages of his finely honed letters. Edmond had not been able to weave the kind of faith as Joshua had displayed that day long ago, into the fabric of his own life. When the debilitating effects of Diabetes wrought havoc with the remaining stump on which a prostheses had worked nicely for many years, now causing never ending infections, he became bound to a wheel chair and crutches. Finally his other leg weakened, becoming ulcerated and infected, leading to gangrene and amputation. He had borne his fate and managed to live on, believing in the goodness of each day and vaguely in a senseless, distant God. He always hoped somewhere within that he would see Joshua again, but once he stopped communicating, he thought him to be dead.
Toward his last days Edmond had felt the memories of his life more vividly, his mind returning often to his friend, wishing for one more chance to speak with him about the things of God because, as he knew he was approaching death himself, he felt an emptiness inside that wanted desperately to be filled with God; and so he waited, hoping for someone to come by.
When he set his eyes on Rose that day he felt the anticipation of a promise fill his entire being and he was not surprised at seeing her the second time, coming back into his room. She came instead of Joshua...filling the void in his soul with the affirmation of eternal life. The night he felt death approaching, he lay peacefully, awaiting the wonder that lay beyond his final breath.