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A moment with...cont... comments welcome
« on: August 28, 2006, 06:48:15 AM »
The urgency that had taken hold of her had not diminished since she saw him last....

cont... She met Joanna at the door and together they began making their rounds. Rose’s little Bible was safely tucked into her purse, ready to spring into action at the spur of the moment. Edmond was the second in line today for a visit and they spent some time getting reacquainted. He and Rose spoke while Joanna sat silently, smiling. Nevertheless; the conversation did not progress beyond polite chit-chat.
He was a retired accountant from Pennsylvania with a rather boring past, a person who had worked all his life in his chosen career. The most memorable experience he recalled from his childhood was his boyhood love of being chosen as a choir boy and the ceremonial pomp of his church. He said nothing of the loss of his legs and Rose felt it to be an intrusion to ask him about it. Joanna was restlessly looking into the hallway, ready to move on and Rose obliged her reluctantly. A strong urging to return to Edmond caused her to excuse herself shortly after they left and she rushed back to his room. His expectant look turned to surprise and delight when he saw her approach. She bent over the rail of his bed and spoke the first words that came to her mind.
“Edmond, what do you think of Jesus?” she asked bluntly but gently.
Her breath abated as she watched his glad eyes turning somber.
“Oh, I feel sad when I think of him because he suffered so.” he said, looking down.
She knew the moment had arrived and she began speaking to him of the hope of heaven and the surety of eternal life. She pulled out her Bible and notes and together they examined the Scriptures. When she left, she knew that Edmond had willingly and joyfully made the transition to eternal life according to the Bible. Joanna received the good news gladly but with some skepticism...