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A Hominian Supernova (I wrote it yesterday)
« on: August 28, 2006, 12:02:47 AM »
Here is a short story I wrote yesterday. Any criticism would be great, specifically what could use more elucidation. I'm not a physicist or a geneticist, so any factual corrections would be great as well! Thanks, guys!
-St. BH

A Hominian Supernova

A body remains at rest or, if already in motion, remains in uniform motion with constant speed in a straight line unless acted upon by an unbalanced external force. But the bathtub changed everything.
   At the moment of conception, a fetusí sex is already determined, but it does not begin to manifest the gender specific developments until a few weeks into the gestation period. Once the Wnt-4 gene is established, the embryo will remain female and, in this certain case, Dax-1 and Wnt-4 developed undisturbed by any external force. It was an inertial pregnancy.
   The boy contained within his body and mind a vast amount of potential energy. But for right now, his hands were getting pruney and he was getting bored. He looked out the window and saw birds perfectly manipulating the imperfections of their environment to wheel around in a random dancing pattern. So much more fun than a bath, turning lukewarm and cooling more every second, energy disappearing into the ether. Wasnít he clean enough yet? He had naturally black hair; different from most of the other boys, who were generally blond or mousey brown, and he didnít want to wash it. That was for sure. The bubbles had almost completely disappeared and he was ready to get out.
   Three months into the pregnancy, the ultrasound looked completely normal.
   He stood up, naked and cold, and peered down the hall to make sure his mother didnít know of his escape plan. The coast was clear, so he carefully lifted one leg over the cold, white side. It was at that moment that the forces he had unconsciously depended on failed to support the anticipated equilibrium. His foot slid across the slippery bottom and gravity, supplemented by the small mass of his body, brought his head down to collide with the cast-iron lip of the tub before his limp body slipped into the dirty bathwater.

   Because of a gain of kinetic energy, a body gains mass as velocity increases. The boyís body fell and all potential became kinetic, increasing mass and, on impact, reaching a critical density of 2x10™ g/cm2 and expelling mass outward with massive power.

   After being in labor for almost eight hours, the new mother could finally rest.

   The doctors, however, could not. How could they have made such a blatant error?
   The child did not appear hermaphroditic at all and, yet, things didnít quite add up. It was established clearly as female while in utero.  The doctors reexamined the ultrasound, which appeared to be a direct isomorphism, except for the sex of the newborn child.
   How slight is the difference between male and female. Between born and unborn. Anticipated and unexpected. Potential and kinetic. All the same, differently manifested. If not for the effect of an external, unbalanced force, everything would remain inert.