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My First short Play / 1800 words
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TONY  The husband

DONNA  Tony wife

FEDEX The mail man

OWNER Of the corporation

TWO WORKERS  that were let go

SYNOPSIS:The story is about a spoof on  a hard worker that he tries his best to impress the corporation but finds out at the end this corporation is different then the one that is in the newspaper headlines these days about greed.

SETTING: The setting starts at Tony home as his wife is waiting for dinner to finish that's where Tony gives some trouble news to Donna his wife about work, then the story shifts to the the main office




                                                                                                                   PAGE 1
Tony: Hi Donna, I'm home

Donna: I'm upstairs

Tony: What are you doing upstairs?

Donna: Just finishing straighten up.

Tony: Didn't you start dinner?

Donna: Yeah it,s in the oven,You will have to wait  and hour till it finishes baking.

Tony: I don't understand what have you been doing all day?

Donna: Let's see, I made the bed,did the dishes and made dinner.

Tony: Never mind I will wait

Donna comes downstairs and notice something different with her husband

Donna: Why are you all dripping wet? and your clothes they are all wrinkled,and for heaven sakes your shoes are untied. What happen at work?

Tony: We were a little busy at work.

Donna: Why is your paperwork all over the kitchen table did you get fired?

Tony: No!nothing like that.

Donna: Thank God for that we would have no money to run the household

Tony: I had to bring my work home,and I didn't have a chance to finish it.

Donna: Do you want me to throw your clothes in the wash?

Tony: If you don't mind I fell behind at work and I didn't have time to straighten myself up.

Donna : Why did you fall behind?You spend every day of your life there

                                                                                                                     PAGE 2

Tony: They let a couple of people go.

Donna: They just let people go why?Did they steal?

Tony: There was no reason they said because of the budget.

Donna: Those poor people.

Tony: No poor me I have to run the department myself,do all the research,the filing and answer the phones.

Donna: Well you have to tell them it's to much work for you. Are they going to give you a raise?

Tony: No!

Donna: Maybe they will hire some of those people back when they see you can't handle it.

Tony: Hell! It's to late for that I will have to bring my paper work home with me so I can try to stay ahead.

Donna: Work from home!That's the only time I can get my own work done.

Tony: Well God dam it ! I don't have a choice I have to finish my work or I will be the next one to get fired. I don't want to talk about it any more. Is dinner ready yet?

Donna: The stuff pork chops are done.

Tony opens the oven door and takes out the pork chops

Tony: How many times have I told you they are over cooked.

Donna: They are not over cooked it's your imagination.

Tony: No look at them they are dryer then rubber,I'm not going to eat them.

Donna: What do you want me to do with them?

                                                                                                                        PAGE 3

Tony: Throw them out or give them to the neighbors dog.

Donna:  Now you don't think I'm a good cook?

Tony: Every time I bring fresh meat home you ruin it.

Donna: That's not true!

Tony: Remember the chicken you cooked a week ago?You left the giblet bag in it,or the time I brought home the beef brisket and you under cooked it and then you sliced it the wrong way.

Donna: I'm sorry I have all kinds of things on my mind.

Tony: I'm going to Burger King to grab a bite to eat.

Donna: Go! After I slaved over the hot stove all day for you.

(Donna picked up the pork chops and threw it at Tony as he left the house,after about and hour Tony came back and everything was much calmer.)

Tony: Here I brought you home some burgers and fries.

Donna: I'm sorry I killed the pork chops.

Tony: No! It's my fault with all the stress at work I'm just starting to lose it.

Donna: So you don't think they will bring some of those people back?

Tony: No the company wasn't happy with their performance. It's a giant corporation with no unions to back you. I think they can get unemployment but I don't think they will get any health insurance.

Donna: Those poor people maybe they should hire a lawyer.

Tony: Some of these people did deserve to be let go they just wasn't working out in our department.

Donna: No one deserves to be let go in these times of unemployment.

                                                                                                                       PAGE 4

Tony: Well it happen and there is nothing I can do about it. I'm only going to look after myself. I can't worry about anyone else.

(Then the phone rings)

Tony: Hello! ( No one answers) Hello! (still no answer) That's funny no one answers.

(Then in about 10 minutes later a knock at the door Tony opens the door)

FEDEX: Are you Tony?

Tony:You are speaking to him.

(The messenger hands the message to Tony)

Donna:What does it say?

Tony: I have to meet at the corporate office at 9:00 Monday morning.

Donna: Does it say why?

Tony: No, Maybe its my time to get fired.

Donna: Don't say that it will just drive you nuts.

Tony: I run the whole department myself,I do the budget, the phones, I do all the paperwork, I do every thing they ask me to do. How can they fire me?

Donna: Stop it! You are just driving yourself crazy.

Tony: My life is over.

Donna: Where are you going now?

Tony: I'm just going out to clear my head.

(Monday morning came a Tony was so nervous as he went into the room where the meeting was being held. Tony walked in the room and their stood was the management all staring at him.)

modified to fit word count limit by Laura H - to be continued
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