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First time poetry
« on: August 27, 2006, 02:09:10 AM »
I think this is poetry, haha, I posted this in another topic and i just thought i'd read the opinions of others since i've never written poetry before  :-\

A thin, cotton like red coloured barrier shaking immensly is the only force holding back the adoring fans. How is it that this fragile, insubstantial force could hold back such fluctuation of compulsion? Is it consideration of the mind to not knock it down, the basic instinct of consequences even though they are preoccupied by one person; a person like you and me, only fake, made up and wearing borrowed gold. To love someone you must know them, what is it they lust for? The gold or the made up mannequin standing before them?
The flashing of lights, the screams for attention enough to stun a deer, to drive a crazed canine back to its kennel, yet she still stands there all for the sake of publicity and she finally turns her back and walks down the crimson lane as a rush of relief runs through her veins, the crowd dies feeling almost unfulfilled; there goes another friend to be, but it all seemed so worth while to have that one glimpse of something we lust to have but still they are there knowing they are all like grains of sand on a beach watching the sporadic pelican soar above. They all turn to the ones they know, know personally, intimately and something clicks, its all right in front of them, what they need, what they love could not be replaced for something so temporary but as this dimension peels away to another life, they still stand there waiting in hope for the other pelican to soar out of its long black nest for the glitter to the eye for some, is more important to the ones that glitter in our hearts.
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