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Sci-Fi Short Story: Death's Virtue
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Into the Shadows

"Clink. Clink!"

The Lighter went into an up and down movement in a swinging motion. Jack motioned towards his depleted burner in which it seemed that it did not have the abundant amount of fuel to light his cigarette, which was perched upon his mouth.

"Damn this, Zippo!" He cursed out loud abruptly.

The Zippo Lighter finally came to life and lit the cigarette to Jack's overwhelming pleasure. He finally could have the chance of peace and relaxation, as he blew a fume of smoke into the cool air of the open square in Paris, Notre Dame. It was a gorgeous Wednesday evening, in which the refreshing air blew ever so slightly. It had been but more than 400 years, since the Zippo was first established and he had the curiosity and speculation to purchase such an item. Which it had been a replica to sustain its image throughout the decades to come? He had the assuredly of certainty in having a brief break next to a most prominent businessman. He had a well-cut suit and a grey and black simmered briefcase, which matched his overall appearance. His dress shoes were that of an Italian style design.

Jack himself had an ear-loping long black trench coat, with grey trousers with a matched set of red clothing underneath the massive scaled coat. Concealed within his trench coat was a heater, which he, himself is not to use until the necessary time or need arrives for a quick mortal precision.

"I’m sorry I had to meet under these circumstances, Mr.. Uh...hmm...what was it again, good sir?" The man met Jack's approach with a rapacious looking face.

"Call me Wilson." The man spoke in a muttering tone, which he kept it secreted within his speech.

"I apologize once more for not having the acquaintance of knowing you in a proper manner." Jack said with utmost sincerity. In Jack's current state of smoking his cigarette and not even identifying the man's name, hardly sounded like he was being ever so serious at all.

"No apology necessary, Mr. Katsumoto. I certainly understand your reason of relaxing in a most fashionable manner with a most common piece of a cigarette. In what other way could you experience more enjoyment and pleasure?" The man had a slight sense of humor, it seemed. The man seemed disgusted after the saying of his notion.

"Well, Mr. Wilson. Maybe I could buy you a cup of coffee sometime." A fume of smoke withered to the direction of the businessman's crinkled face.

With a wave of a hand, and without remorse, he ignored it calmly. And at the same time, he began to reveal the remnants of his concealed briefcase.

"Now, to business, Mr. K." This man certainly had the comfort of calling Jack by the term; Mr. K. Which was short for his long and exceeding last name. It was difficult to impeach his last name in every conservative dialog. The man revealed a most common laptop, an IBM 5.

"The money has been wired to your bank account, but it has not been sent at a 100% capacity, due to your lack of duration in the current assignment." He continued on, leaning closely to gain Jack's full immediate attention.

"You know the requirements of the job. Mr. Anderson wishes you to finish this assignment with swift and accurate precision. Upon finishing it successfully, you must not reveal your identification to any identity. Or accept the consequences." Say it don’t spray it. Jack thought.

"Upon failure, the same ordeal goes along with the success objectives. Failure is not an option. Mr. Anderson had the appreciation of hiring you on a regular basis, in which I think he is wasting his time. Do you fully understand it or will I have repeat it once more and interrupt your peace of relaxation, Mr. K?" 'The man certainly has a sense of humor.' Jack reminded himself.

Jack closed his eyes for a brief moment. Then he opened to eyes.

"I understand." Jack apprehended the acceptance of the job.

Jack continued to smoke out the remainders of the cigarette, as Wilson carefully pried his briefcase shut without any hindrance of a sudden movement. He was prepared to leave without public notice. Both of them were.

"You know, Mr. K. That's not so good for your health." The man sound precautious, but not in worryingly manner.

"Tell me something I don't know." He had a repulsive grin marked on his grim face.

3 years earlier....

"Welcome to Aquatica. The people of Aquatica hopes you enjoy your stay and may it be a most pleasurable and rememberable one. Mining sectors are to your right and luxurious and gorgeous hotels and villas are to the your left. Have a nice and safe stay."

The loud and presentable voice in the speaker that overlooked the vast colony that was encircled by a ocean of wide depth, was echoing throughout the sector of Aquatica. It was a most impressive view to look upon. The sky had an enveloped view of a clouded image of a blue background. The colony itself sustained its grand image of absolute beauty and wealth. The vast ocean, which surrounded the wondrous colony, seemed to go as far as the eye can see. Jack was awaiting the arrival of his wife and daughter. He had waited most patiently, tapping his foot in a disgruntling disapproval. 'Where are they?' He thought. 2 hours had passed like wildfire and his business work in New York was yet to be of little importance. But waiting like a complete idiot out in the middle of nowhere? Now that had to be ironic. He laughed to himself for a brief moment, overlooking through the waves of the blue-marbled ocean that splashed upon the rocks with a thundering noise.

"Daaadddyyy!!!" Jack was almost overwhelmed by the sudden onslaught by the embracing of his daughter, that almost had him fall back.

His daughter and beloved wife strolled into the open square with an arm length space with hands drawn. The      had a bright colored T-shirt with a benevolent picture of a ‘Barney and Friends’, match with a pair of striped jeans. His wife had a shopping bag in one had and their daughter’s hand in another. Aura de Mistral apparently admired herself wearing trousers and a set of a silk piece shirt. Which it didn’t match, much to his discretion.

"Whoa, there. I didn't know that 6 year olds had to be aggressive and playful as this. Now who had to know?" Jack embraced the warmth of his daughter and twirled her around like a crazed carousal, to her enjoyment.

"Now, now, dear. Daddy will hurt his back like that. Remember when Daddy hurt his back when he was playing, err.... golf? Do you want him to go through boo boo time again?" She sounded most disdainful. Or did she seem a little bit depressed?

"Noooo. I didn't mean to hurt daddy." The almost looked like she was about to burst into saddened tears at the sound of her mother's disapproving statement.

"Melissa, it's ok darling. See how daddy is right now? I'm strong as a pony, eh… horse. You always wanted a horse of your own, right? Than hop on my back and I'll give you a ride anytime, your majesty." The cheerful suggestion seemed to have little effect on Melissa, but as soon as the face of her father brightened into joy, she was acquainted back into her normal self. Jack lowered himself, as if a lowly humble servant was bowing toward his master.

"Ok, ok! I want a horse. But you don't look like a horse, daddy. A real horse has a...a...talee and a...a...sitting thingy on it's back. And it doesn't wear any shirt, daddy." She was jumping up and down in overjoyed excitement as all normal 6 year olds do, whenever they desire to get something in return.

"Well, you can make believe, Melissa. You can believe you’re a beautiful princess and I can be your horse pulling your carriage. How does that sound?"

"I want a horse, daddy. I want a horse!!!" As soon as he could utterly believe it, the quiet sobs and tearing, pretty soon turned into a childhood tantrum. Melissa had quite a few of these in the past years and it took a amount of effort to calm down the little 's nerves.

"Melissa, calm down dear. Here, have a lollypop." Aura motioned towards her Gucci-style handbag and took out a piece of candy, which in turn was  snatched by an outstretched hand and the crying and screaming ultimately stopped. With delightment, Jack craned his neck to meet his wife's kiss.

"How are you doing today, baby? You holding up alright?" Jack asked with a disconcerting look.

"Yeah, I'm ok, Jack. Just a little tired, that's all." Aura replied back with a depressed state of mind. She did seem a little on the diminished side.

"You work too hard, baby. Maybe you need a little rest." James was now on the worrying standpoint.

"No, no. It's just that things at work is a little- oh how do you put it- harsh." The last word in the statement sounded a little bit concerning in her speech. 'What was she hiding?'

"Aura. I know that you have a difficult time in the cases, in your part. But relentless of your problems, as a husband of the household, I have a right to- " He was cut short of his speech. Aura glanced over her shoulder answered back with a fierce and reiterating look.

"I know, Jack. But after having a tiring and distressful work, I was expecting a warm embrace of my husband's love to comfort me in times of need. But I was mistaken, after your little 'proved' investigation." She sounded most demanding and with determination to fight back against Jack's wishes. 'What is going on here? Melissa and now my own wife, Aura?'

"Mommmy...." Melissa's voice sounded a little bit tight and frightened at the forceful sound of the two having an inevitable lead to an argument, which would turn into a disastrous fight. She had experienced those in the past.

"Now…. Aura. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to.... I didn't know." He sounded most forceful in saying the formal apology towards his wife. Jack had waited for a forgiving gesture, but to his disbelief, Kelly ignored Jack's abatements and picked up their daughter with both arms and embraced her small and frail body.

"I'm sorry it had to come to this. It has been hard for me to say those words. I didn't want to be distrustful, Jack. I want to be a good wife toward your perspective, but it seems that I have failed on my part. I think it's time that we put our past to the grave and think about this. Give me some time. I'll see you soon, at home." Aura leaned towards Jack's face and gave a brief kiss with a most gentle touch to Jack's warmth and softness of his skin. 'I'm sorry, Aura. I didn't know.' Jack tried to speak, but could not distribute his care of words from his secreted mouth. Jack eyed the conversation into Kelly's pearly, but clouded eyes.

'I know, Jack. We both know' Through Aura's eyes, it seemed like it was echoing and entrancing throughout Jack's empty and broad mind.

Into the Shadows, Part 2

Silence crept over Jack's disserted mind as an empty hollow of a tree. After the insurrection of they’re previous past events kept beside them, a short but engaging argument had shattered their influence and trust for one another. It was not meant to be a beginning of a break in their long held relationship, but perhaps it glimpse of what is to become of them in the future. 'What have I done?' Jack thought as he ferociously kicked a rock into a gutter. In his hollow mind, he couldn't think about it calmly with serenity. Hatred burned within his anger for his depressing attacks, or could you call it attacks, on his wife. Or was it oppressing? Nethertheless, turning their backs on one another meant that they would not see each other for some time. This had happened before, but not in a most alarming manner as right now. Jack shivered at the harsh and cold wind that blew against his the strife of his long-scaled trench coat. It had turned into a cold entrenching day.

Sitting on the bench of the open park of NYC, couldn't much of a hobby to him anymore. He was due in for his work for he had to achieve and finish. To his appeasement, he had a rash thought. Aura did her work hard, indeed. Why did she have to hide her fear and anguish in front of his presence? It just wasn't like her own suited character to act in such a willful presentation. But what she said in her last stated speech, shocked Jack into becoming into a mute to his own words. What he tried to say, he couldn't have the courage to say at all. Jack continued to walk on the dusty and cold-horded concrete floor of the open-air park of the NYC Sector. Good thing he did not wear his good shoes to work. He had a hard time kicking at the pebbles and rocks to disgruntle at his disbursement at his own acts that he had committed toward his wife's depressed state of mind. 'I got to get out of this cold air, before I get stoned, dam nit.' As he passed along the flight of stairs that lead to the Subway, he stopped at the sudden newsbreak that had appeared over his head. There were many news stands all over the major cities, which could be a convenience by passing businessmen and civilians.

"This is Public News Service with a newsbreak. Several hours ago, a rally of group of protestors was arranged near the open public square of Berlin. These certain group of protestors have been engaged in several skirmishes of detainment of their likely protest, which in haste, were stopped by LED officers of the GD."

Jack continued to look upon the big plasma-filled screen that filled the mid-air with sound of the news reporter's denouncing voice.

"Several shots were heard from various witnesses’ statements, which turned into a blunt reaction from the Law Enforcement Department officers, which in instinct and reaction fired their own side arms into the panicked group. Several members of the protesting group were killed and many were wounded as well. The approximate number of the body count has not been confirmed, but investigators at the scene are working around the clock to resolve the problem at hand. Authorities are still questioning the reason for the sudden violent reaction from the LED officers. Please stay with us to get an immediate update on the situation. This has been a news break from PNS."

Berlin? A protesting group? Why had this all but sounded too familiar in Jack's instated memory? Had it been a mere coincidence, that Aura had participated to join a protest group for certain liability rights against the Global Dominion? There had to be another explanation. With both hands in the deep coat pockets of this trench coat, he ran hastily toward the Vortex Room, which was the opposite direction of his work shared office, he was intending to claim as his final destination. With sheer integrity, he gripped his hand inside his back pocket and took out a vortex ticket that read: Berlin, Aquarium. With ticket in hand, he leaped like a dear out on a stroll, into the vortex node, which instantly transferred him in into a trance of a blue-inked background. As several seconds passed, he had entered back into the grim reality of the world and stepped out onto the platform of the Vortex Room, aggressively breathing at every taken breath. 'Aura, this can't be. Not after what we went through before.' He had grim realities in his troubled and panicked mind, which lead to desperate decisions.

Jack clumsily walked through the dark alley, which lead to the crime scene. Bodies upon bodies were laid on the hard concreted floor of the public square of the protesting location, with sheds of the dark color of red. Ambulances and police vehicles of the sort were scattered among the area, with participation of various investigators and policemen, alike.

"Excuse me, sir? This area is off limits to all civilians, without proper identification." A officer addressed the formal implifications surrounding their jurisdiction within the area.

"I'm sorry. But I'm here on a request from a friend of mine I'm looking for a certain individual that was involved in the protest." With Jack's heavy breathing with depth of nervousness, the officer sustained his ordering restrain.

”Name, sir?”

"Aura de Mistral. She is my friend's wife and today.... is her birthday." The last words that were mentioned in Jack's overviewed speech were a exigourating pain.

"Stand by, please. We will notify you, when we have identified her in correction. In the meanwhile, please make yourself comfortable, until the process is complete. Thank you for your cooperation." The officer, busily entering the information in his HUD, stepping back humbly into the assailant's vehicle.

Without further mentioning of his leave, Jack headed toward the area where the countless of bodies were being removed into the vehicle of the ambulance. There he would have faster results, upon the search he would conduct himself.

'This can't be happening. It's all a dream, isn't it? No...I won't give in.' He mumbled these exact words under the nervousness of his aggressive breathing, as he walked onwards in a trembling pace.

"OH NO!!! AURA!!!!" Jack moaned out the words with disbelief and contempt as he ran towards the body of his loved ones with a wail. He looked down to the two lifeless, clinging bodies, much to his horror, wide-eyed. A candy lollypop was enwrapped around a weak and frail hand that was covered with a lavish white sheet, which covered the body’s distinct appearances. A Gucci Bag was ripped and torn in an aggressive and expulsive manner. Two little hands appeared into view, with (blood) dripping in silent drips.

"Drip. Drip."

"NOOOOO!!!!" Jack held onto both bodies and embraced them with deep anxiety and wailed out a most ferocious cry that echoed throughout the area. With Jack's deep sympathy, while holding and gripping both (dead) and lifeless hands, it seemed that he was in effort in warming the bodies back to life.

"AUUURRAAA!! MEELISSAAA!!!! ~" The sound of deep mourning and wailing echoed with a sudden eerie atmosphere, into the bleak night sky.
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Re: Sci-Fi Short Story: Death's Virtue
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The emptiness was surrounding around the surreal of Jack's aura. The word, 'Guilt', was spreading over what was left of his dignity. He could not express his deep sympathy for the       of his family or what and how caused his family to die in such a grueling manner. What is it fault? If it wasn't, would Aura had decided to go to the protesting that would to lead to her inevitable ddeath, if he hadn't intervened? Back in his apartment in Shibuya of Tokyo, he had the chance to relax and meditate on his previous held events in a hot tub of marvelously hot, sizzling water. Jack leaned back further in order to gain a deeper depth of the water. He let out a most depressing sigh as he began to depict his past thoughts that were left to be broken in his shattered mind.

"As for the loved ones of the family of Jack Katsumoto, we can only pray that their souls are left to rest in peace for all eternity. We pay our deepest gratitude and respect as we close this chapter of loss with this prayer. Amen." The minister closed the black book and bowed his head.

"Amen." The people murmured the quote that the minister had spoke aloud and had their heads bowed in deep meditation of prayer. Jack himself could not have the liable excuse to whisper a prayer in his own mind, regardless of the formal funeral held by his close friends and relatives. The evening of the day had been a drenching rainy weather, as the last hour of the funeral had past. The mud that was over leaked within his family's abstaining casket, led to a pierce in his heart. He wanted it clean with a spotless enduring look.

He kept his twitching eyes open as he scanned the view of his guests that were present for this occasion. There in the middle of the hard-to-see crowd, portrayed the abstract presence of James Ace Katsumoto, Commander of the Law Enforcement Department. Jack priedly eyed the attention and desperation of his brother's figure, as a     d and despised individual. Was it not for James's fearful appearance, the situation would have been less bad, as of now. The silent eerie prayer of the crowd ended in a grim scene. The support given by the people were left to their throwing of flowers to the laid, still bodies of his lost ones in the inner shell of the casket. As well as for he deep embracing to express their care and love towards the husband that had lost much. The day of the hour held much grief and sorrow in the people's overall mood, and the wet, drenching day had much effect to add to it. The view of the departing cars was in the pictured mind of Jack's      -tolled head. It was likely the rain was to sustain it's natural nature, but the day continued on with another wave of water and lightning.

Next to his brother stood two officers with their mysterious and elusive eyes which left a sudden chill over a person's point of view toward their characterism. Rain and mud dripped from their long and battered trehnchoats.

"Hey, Jack. Long time no see. I give my sympathies to you, brother." His brother sounded a bit on the sarcastic side, which gave Jack the enthusiasm to reposefully spit and curse at him.

"No need, James. Just leave me in peace. I will have no further argument with you." Jack turned his head away from his brother's presence, as he headed toward his vehicle with heavy thudded footsteps.

"Further argument? Why would I have further argument with you, on this sad and ’regretful’ day?" James called back with a stern look.

Jack peered back, across his shoulder. He neither had the applicable strength or resentment, in shouting back at him.

"Regretful? Regretful! Don't you ever speak those words again, James. I’ am not either regretful or blameless for their sudden and approachable      ! They died a good and natural       and there is nothing I can do about it. Leave me." Jack almost had the immediate strength to strike back at his brother with a blow from his held-up hand, but he slowly sheathed it back to its normal stance. His valued opinion about his family's gruesome      , was not absoulutely true. His sudden reaction from his brother's sarcasm, gave a quick twist of anger and suppression, which turned into a wrongful answer.

His older brother looked like he was going to pull back before further frustration could be taken from Jack, upon him. He began to walk towards the opposite direction, before he had a final notion in saying.

"Jack, I didn't want to have to tell you this. But there is going to a court session tomorrow, by the Global Dominion Senate. It seems that this regreta- I mean sorrowful incident, held much pressure around the courts and the LED. It could widen the confrontation, which could bring a note of criminal justice among the guilty who is being tried. You should be there. For your own sake. For your family's sake." Without a further saying of a final greeting, His brother tipped his hat with a friendly gesture and walked on. The men who were attending his footsteps, followed close by. The sound of their departing footsteps, echoed in Jack's ear, as he covered his head with his diluted hands to stop all apparent noises, which were deafening to him. He looked up into the gray shuttered sky, which brought forth a shower of rain into his watery eyes. Jack looked determined. But at the same time, the cloudy shrouded sadness of sorrow and guilt, descended upon his eyes. Justice will be served. He thought. Or was it simply another course of action for revenge? The silence and egravation of the grave stood still and deposed in the middle of the muddy and errie hill.

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Re: Sci-Fi Short Story: Death's Virtue
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~ ~ ~ ~

2 years later....

The dark retroversional hallway led to a unseeingly long path past an entrance of a grand gate which solidified it's grandeur, towards a brightly open-aired area which was surrounded by a categorical amount of trees and plants which made it a distinction of a garden, that of a Japanese culturist view. The color of green surrounded and unclouded it's nature which had its delicate amount of flowers, plants of variety and to a simplistic bridge which crept over the scarcely shallow pond. Some of which was considered part of nature and of an artificial difference. The only uniqueness which made it obtain some wonderous attribute, was it's ever beautiful plum blossom trees, carried along through the wind, encircled in a dance upon the air, the smell somewhat entrancing....

The day was a dark and rainy afternoon, overshadowing the brightly lid area, into a dark and secluded field of emptiness. The only light, brightening from the nearby replacement of the foriegn lamps posted at every corner. The green grass was pressed down upon an unfamiliar figure of approaching movement and steed. The man had broad shoulders and a straight enough back which made it identifying his presence only easier as a man of enormous stature, loped in with a colorful uniform of Japanese distinction, hiding only it's beautiful natural nature with the addition of his abrupt behavior and characterism. The hard-pressed rain even made it eventually difficult for him to stand straight in an upward position, if it was not for his umbrella that he had obtained. He was in a slouched position, carefully prying his eyes downward, staring at an unimaginable sight upon comprehension.

Blood, which was apparently thicker than water, had slowly crept down towards the loping ccracks, which held the foundation of the concrete together, or what was left of it combined it into one. The water from the hard pouring rain made it run smoothly across the garden, slithering in a snake-like motion towards the gate, making a pool of incredible depth, not ceasing to exist. A sudden sound shhattered the silence into a horrendous avalanche of a lightening response.

"You there! Come out, there is no need to hide, when there is no way to run.... heh." Then enormous man had spoke with much enthusiasm, which broke the silence that withheld the air, but with a smirk upon his left side of his face, which was now curving into a vicious, but evil smile. In turn, a conceal weapon of choice was revealed from his tedious nature with a brisling noise against his massed clothing. It was a pointing towards it target of objective.

Within the garden, there was a house of mass proportion, leveled into a 2-story house. Much historical features were held within its environment as well as its old features that made it an old pastime location for tourists to view. It was an old building beyond measure and understanding.... an old Japanese Inn of the 1800's. The hint of a human presence was now viewable as the weather of the evening began to clear up, then settle it's storm of recession back again onto earth. The man was curled up, beaten into a pulp of flesh and bllood with his clothes battered into a ripping condition, which was stained and tainted of, only recognizable that his clothing was not red at all, but white. Next to him, was a blloodied filled ditch, mud covering the once living body of a stripped and bare human being that was mutilated beyond measure, flesh and bllood remnants splattered everywhere that was rendered unidentified to the nakked eye.

The gate screeched open, with a single entity entering into the pleasant field of gardens into a violent setting, which secreted its nature state of glory and pleasantries. A homo-sapien, that of a male, wearing a trouser uniform which matched a dark-black trench coat slouched upon his shoulders, chest and below, trousers in place. His long and dark oily, silky hair covering his handsome tan-coated face. Seeing the bllood taking it's place within the veins of the craccks of the ground, which his foot was entrenched, only made it easier for him to gulp back his uneasiness. His leveled hat only hid his appeasing nature to hide the obviousness of his character. To compare such men, it was a likely feat of giant and timid proportions. The man of enormous size took hint of his presence and leaned back.

"Ah, I see that you have made it to our little reunion, the show was just about to begin... it has already started." The man smiled than turned back, weapon still pointing.

"Yes.... are you the man, Mr. Wilson mentioned? The man felt his tension ease up on his nervousness towards the enormous man's sense of violent character.

The enormous man looked back once again, confused and looking sickly and disturbed but answered in a cool emotion.
"Oh.... you’ll see mister. You'll see..." Eyeing carefully in preventing the beaten man's escape, he handed the gun towards the mysterious individual and stepped back.

"Kill him...." He muttered under his tone, looking facedown without a further word.

The man looked down towards the weapon, Zanathid Class, with 9mm Cop-killer bullets. He checked the weapon, secured the silencer, then leveled out his weapon targeting the beaten man's head, stepping closer to unhindered his movement of perfection of dealing the final blow. Crunching the gravel and mud, he looked at the man he was to terminate and saw the teerror and utter ddeath-defying nature which clouded his eyes, making it a sight which he could not face. He looked away and gradually by letting his fingers do the work, pulled the trigger. The sudden recoil and great devestating sound pulled his hand back, with his body to maintain his position in not faltering. Bllood and the trickling of brain, flesh and hair splattered in all directions, closer towards his hand in which his range was close, with the smell of the gunpowder and ammunition remnants clouding his vision as they spranged forward, back and beyond. His hands felt a great amount of pain and heat from the weapon, dropped it to let the ease of the coolness of the rain to comfort his adrenaline which fueled his agressiveness.

The remaining parts of the man's crushed head which looked like rotten fruit with an neat round hole with an opening, letting it trickle with brains and flesh, apprehending to see that he was ultimately ddead. Deead right on the spot. A massive amount of bllood ran forth downward, staining the two men's shoes, right where they stood.... not taking any movement. The enormous with a flick of his fast paced hands, took out a handkerchief and wiped the bllood from his dress shoes which was already beginning to dry, and in turn picked up the weapon from the muddy atmosphere.

"Very nicely done, you'll do well.... I guarantee it. Wait here for a moment, if you would." Wiping the weapon clean, his smile, which evaporated into a stern look, swept past the mysterious, but shook individual and made his way into the deserted Inn, motioning his hands to support his weight in opening then entering into the darkness of the entrance. The tterrorized individual, with his shaking hands and his shuttering within his every breath made it clear he was a man of a first timer experience. Everything was made blind to him, he couldn't see, nor could he breathe with much comfort and stability. The continuous wave of rainfall with the addition balance of lighting came at a steady pace and was consistent, which cast an onixating effect along with the mood of the current environment.

Moments later.... the man of enormous proportions came out, in his right hand the concealed weapon and in his left, he dragged forcibly a woman by her hair, shifting his movement left and right to support his strength in straining to achieve his purpose. After several screaming and clawing viciously from the female of Japanese decent, he halted, threw the woman in a disgustingly disapproval with a heavily grunt onto the open field, just directly the below mysterious man. The woman looked terrified, looking back and forth for any signs of assistance in which she could acquire for her to escape from the grasps of her two perpetrators. She was an attractive young lady aging around her 20's, faring into a slim and thin body which could appease the majority of peeping men, covered in a colorful and illusterous Japanese kimono and face desecrated with powder from the makeup. She had delicate long black hair, which was perched upon the top of her peach-colored skin, now pale as white as snow. The mysterious man looked down with horror, eyes wide, then looked away. The woman seemed to take upon the stare in turn, then continued to whimper and cry in quiet moans, shuttering in tterrorr, captivated by her inner fears towards eventual ddeath. Her clothes of her kimono, now ripped and torn to shreds, the rain making it drenched and visible enough for the enormous man to smirk and grin lavishly, pondering around the trembling half-nakked woman in a circular motion.

"I've always wanted a woman to take me into her bosom, not forcefully, but naturally.... It's a shame.... you have no further use to us." The enormous man thundered on, letting his tone clatter into a whisper, llustfully, looking down upon the woman's horrorified whimpering face, kissing her gently on the right cheek.

"I had long forgotten once what a woman's scent smelled like, so intoxicating and marvelous...." The enormous man press his wide obliged nose inward on the woman's delicate skin of her long and smooth neck, bottoming down towards her chest.

No such resemblance matched these two, which made the mysterious man cry out,

"Please, let her go.... just this time." He was yearning on for the bit compassion that the enormous man had once felt for this individual, but to no avail.

The enormous man looked up steadingly and slowly rising his head to his compatriots view, now giving a quick wink.

"You know the deal, Mister. All assassinations end up with no survivors, regardless of who or which are apprehended. So sorry...." With his giant hand, which was lengthened with much diameter towards his size, he grabbed the woman's hair in one place, and then placed the weapon the mysterious man's hand. The woman kicked and screamed frantically until her strength seemed unlimited, but the enormous man held her firmly by her hair and scalp with much strength and assurance, which ceased altogether.
"Kill her." His sinister eyes narrowing, forming into a crude smirking face of a dark bearded man, white, slightly cacausion, with a think brow and a wide freckled nose. He stretched his hand straightforward and leveled with the woman's head, making her stance in probable position in an attempt to kill her in one clean shot to the obvious. With much applicable strength, he shrugged over and repeated it closer this time towards the mysterious man's face.

"Kill her...." This time with much anger, if not with, a repulsive behavior. The mysterious man looked down at his weapon and shook his head back and forth in not deciding what to commit. It seems this was not a man of balance, and the enormous man had no reassurance towards his weak heart for any type of encouragement. The mysterious man’s airway of ample breath began to weaken, he tried to speak but no word came out. He tried to breathe out and cuss at the man of enormous heights, but no such thing occurred. He simply did not have the courage, nor the bravery to commit an ordeal.

The woman who was their captive, now hanging out with her arms grabbing her scalp held by the enormous man due to an immense amount of pain, stared into the eyes of the mysterious man, peering down at his weapon and now at his young and soft face once again. Her weak, but benevolent eyes let out a faint-hearted whisper which could be heard through the rigorousness of the air, let me go.... don’t do it, please. The woman's pearly face now gleaming within the glorious and heavenly light, cast down by the blinding beam fixating from the lamps above, with a dark casting shadow, tuning the everlasting effect in which he would never encounter again.

"KILL HER!" With a closer stare beckoning towards the mysterious face, the enormous man bellowed out his anger and impatience, which now made his breath linggering in and out, with every word coming out of his dirty and unshaven mouth. Now his face eased in closer for immediate view, of an aged bearded man, with a scar on his left puffed cheek with that familiar wide freckled nose indicating his ugliness state. This time with a hint of a brandished samurai sword hilt at his left side, waiting to be unleashed, upon undisciplinary acts from the mysterious man.

A terrified and horrific scream echoed out into the night, shattering the peace of the balance between the rain and the violent environment, snapping the mysterious man into impalement and stricken fear. To his astonishment, the weapon he was holding had a smoking entrailment from the bore of the weapon, which the bullet and entered into the woman's forehead, casting a explicable view of once beautiful and attractive face into a disfigured embodiedment. The frail body dropped and laid silent, with the woman's kimono which had laid out a impressive and intricate layer of design of a replica of a plum blossom dancing in mid-air, it's state was tainted with dark ink-like drops of her own filth of bllood covering the entirety of the clothing at a rapid pace. Jack let his wearingly applicable legs give in and crouched in a unbelievable desperation, staring out into the darkness of the rainy evening, which turned into a night of violent and blloody misfortunes.

The scent of bllood almost began to be as familiar as the smell of the plum blossoms.... The enormous man began to drag the bodies with minor effort, noisily against the graveled dirt and blloodied floor, into a small corner against the old building near an abandoned shed.
"It's time to clean up, Mister Katsumoto. And by the way, you have been weak from the start. I could sense it. But I was proven wrong it seems....The name is Frederick Morvole Wilson, otherwise known as the Mr. Wilson you knew." His cold breath seemed to have penetrated Jack's heart, but the superior ffear that was installed in his mind was greater than that of an inferior nescience given by Mr. Wilson.

"I will protect you, Akane and Akio from whatever harm.... my little sister and brother...." Was the last mentionable statement he had said towards his 2 latest victims, not so long ago, which were now ddead carcasses for the vermin to slither upon the cold floor in which he was begging for mercy and forgiveness in their pool of bllood. One lying silently upon his knees and one near the shed, being dragged away in a entrailment of bllood, by an influential character.

The dense and an abundant amount of rain began to fall once again.... then stopped. The tides of the Sea of Japan that enveloped the majestic island itself.... rose and fell in ambient waves....

To be continued....
~ ~ ~ ~

THANK YOU, more coming soon....any reviews of my work would be appreciated. =)
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Re: Sci-Fi Short Story: Death's Virtue
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Heyas, a good read. You might want to post 500-800 words maximum, so that people can break the parts down for critique. Are the pictures all your own drawings? They are a bit of a distraction for this type of review. If they are your own, I would recommend choosing one style of drawing (ie the sketches) and perhaps write this as a graphic novel.

Personally, I would have liked to have seen the death of Aura instead of hearing about it on the news. It seems as though you missed a great opportunity there.


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Re: Sci-Fi Short Story: Death's Virtue
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Excellent read, but a bit too seems. But a carefree writer can always appreciate this type of work, just limit it down to around 500-800 words maximum.

Cheers, big bro....I knew you would post this story somewhere....rofl
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