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Programme for the Writers' Week end INVITATION.
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Writers’ Workshop at Fowl Green Farm - all writers welcome.

This is a ‘must’ for new writers.  You are invited to join us for a workshop on the following subjects with RNA Author Jean Fullerton. Costs GBP22.00 per session or GBP45.00 for the whole week end. Please contact Lin for further information and booking your place.

In addition to being an Award Winning Author with a major publishing house, Jean Fullerton is also a University lecturer with an MSc in Education. We are honoured that she has offered to provide a workshop.


To be held at Fowl Green Farm, Commondale, N. Yorks.

From Friday 16 March to Monday 19 March 2012


Friday 16 March 2012


Jean Fullerton introduces the workshop programme for the week end and provides a tutorial.

Subject:  Characterisation – 2 hrs

Characters are the dynamos that keep people turning the page of any story but so often poorly developed, unrealistic or weak characters are also why readers put books down half-finished. Jean Fullerton has designed this workshop to help you to develop unforgettable characters and start to develop critical skills for identify characters that just aren’t working.



17 March 2012

 09.00hrs- 11.00

Workshop.  Subject:  Show/Tell – Jean Fullerton

‘Show Don’t Tell’ is one of the fundamental skills any writer needs to develop; but what does it actually mean? Through exercises and examples Jean Fullerton will help you build a deeper understanding of the Show/Tell concept.   Duration 2 hours



18 March 2012

 10.00am – 12.00noon

Jean Fullerton provides us with a tutorial on

Narrative Voice– Duration 2 hours

 You know your story but who is going to tell it?  Is it the main protagonists or through the eyes of an insignificant character on the side-lines, and will you use first person or third? Voice is the most difficult part of writing and possibly the hardest to define or quantify but it is what defines you story telling. It is developed not learnt and in this workshop, Jean Fullerton hopes to start you on the road to discover your unique writer’s voice.


 19 March 2012

 9am – 10.30am -  Jean Fullerton tutorial

Pace, Action and Excitement.

 What is a story without it? In this final workshop, Jean will give some tips and hints on how to tighten your narrative to keep the reader on the edge of their seat and sitting up to the wee small hours just to see what happens next.
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Re: Programme for the Writers' Week end INVITATION.
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Commondale is in a great area. Used to stay in a caravan in Commondale when I was a lad. My dad was from Loftus.
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Re: Programme for the Writers' Week end INVITATION.
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I am green with envy. Wish I wasn't at the other side of the world. Will be waiting eagerly for posts from those lucky enough to be able to attend.
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