Author Topic: Two Killers In A Car  (Read 1665 times)

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Two Killers In A Car
« on: August 22, 2006, 03:00:57 PM »
This is another editorial type piece. I got so involved I nearly ended up being poetic towards the end, but I had to keep steering away from that because that wasn't my intention.  It's a sort of warning against Dangerous Driving, not a big thing; I just imagined it being a quick glimpse into 2 typical yet very different individuals - highlighting how easy it is to become a 'killer'. 

Case One:
His name is Roger.  He owns a beauty of a motor - his first in fact.  Just turned seventeen and he’s the first of his friends to drive legally. The lucky ‘speed demon’ himself can’t wait to share his driving skills with Kelly and Darren, but of course, they’re not the only ones about to experience his talents.  For as he reaches the home stretch at a whopping 60 mph on a residential, who should he bump into?  It’s Karen Callaway’s little pride and joy, Paul.  He had ten years to go before he could obtain a driving licence all of his own.  Yet sadly, his blood spattered remains offer no promise of revival.  His small, seven-year old chest has shown no sign of rising – much to the horror of his young mother, her tears falling upon her little boy’s dormant chest.

Kelly and Darren have become entangled in the wreckage.  Roger is lucky, but he harbours no more thoughts of speeding, except to speed away from his own tormenting mind – all the time thinking ‘turn back time.’  Darkness is descending and a black sheet has been forming; in the clouds promising rain, on the street of Kingsway Lane, in the void that fills a mother’s heart, and on the body of a child as he’s carried away.

Case Two:
Sheila is a fine lady.  Oh, but she has had her disappointments.  A night out with the lads from work is just what she needs.  A broken home, her husband gone and her kids all grown – let go of your inhibitions Sheila! Let go and let us please ya! So the rounds pour in, she hasn’t paid for one yet! Lucky to be the only woman amongst men – their gentlemanly pursuits cater for her satisfaction all night long. 

Her fourth drink is being touted; the boys are all so excited! Sheila’s cheeks are flushed and she can’t wait to be fussed, but she thinks and stumbles upon the latest offering – her car is waiting.  She mustn’t, she couldn’t, her perception is waning.  The trip to the loo was evidence enough as she peered in the mirror at her wavering reflection.   A moment of sense, this is the last, of course!   

The drive begins gently, aware she isn’t steady, but the house isn’t far so she’ll slap her face ready.  Window wide open, the air rushes in – just as Old Michael the war veteran begins a hop and a skip from the pub himself.  He’s seeing his granddaughter tonight – a smile lights his red face; but who should be coming but Sheila the great.  Still high from her evening of compliments galore, this fine little lady has sent Michael to the floor.  His withered old brain encrusted in granite, Sheila’s awake now – though she wished was sleeping in her empty bed.  Her husband now gone, but at least Michael wouldn’t be dead.

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Re: Two Killers In A Car
« Reply #1 on: August 22, 2006, 04:48:08 PM »
A great piece of writing Lorrraine and the stories are so life-like.

Isn't it sad that driving a car can be a legal way to kill someone, something you hardly ever get imprisoned for, boy racers and drunk drivers are the pits in my opinion  :(