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Template for a submission letter
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Thought you might like to see a template for a submission letter.  Write your own based on your book but the idea is to keep it short and simple - the story below is just a bit of fun.

Dear Chosen Agent

I would like to introduce you to my first book, Title................a Genre.......novel of some ........ words.

Jonni,  overwhelmed by his father's death abandons his life in mainland Scotland to live on the island of Bute as a grouse beater.   There, he  meets a woman with a wonderful singing voice. Susan shows him how to live again through her singing. But.......   And....... He discovers she is married.  When her husband dies in her arms, he finds himself going on a journey,, until he is arrested and found guility of murder.   (Remember this is just out of the top of my own head but the point is to keep it short and interesting) Using your own story here of course.  K I S S.

I live in Scotland and have spent the last ten years living in a remote part of Sutherland working as an administrator on a country estate.    I am a member of the  Scottish Novelists Association as secretary for my local group. My husband works on the Balmoral Estate and I often get the opportunity to meet the estate grouse beaters who inspired me to write my novel.

Id be delighted if you were able to represent me. Due to my location I would ask you not to bother returning my manuscript, and may I suggest for ease of communication that you e-mail me,   with your reply.                        (or you can simply do what they ask for and send your mss with an SAE.  Always do what they ask and sometimes they prefer to e-mail) In my own personal case I ask them not to return the mss and e-mail me.  This is fine if your location is impossible.

Yours faithfully,

Lin Treadgold
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