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Reborn Lotus
« on: November 22, 2011, 11:49:37 AM »
If you love dark stories, this ones for you. enjoy!

It all started on a cold, rainy night. While my so-called family partied at an all-inclusive gala and my ex-boyfriend and my ex-best friend Allie Sharpe made out at her house; I was laid out in a dismal alley beaten, tortured, and undone- in a word dead, or nearly dead to say the least. I was unloved in my neighborhood. My parents and I argued all the time due to me not being like the other West Lange High School kids; my sis and brother Thomas and Stefanie accused me of touching their things; and to top it all off, my teachers thought I was making trouble while I was just merely meditating.
   The men who killed me were my deadbeat uncle Chester Sanders and his no good cronies. By the time they’ve finished me, they were laughing, carousing, and in a drunken stupor. The last thing I heard my uncle say was “At least my sister and Ryan are finally rid of their worthless daughter.”
   “Yeah, man,” one of his loser suck-ups said, snickering. “Now, your nephew and niece can have it all while the dead girl is rotting in the Port St Joe County Morgue.”
   They all thought I was dead. A corpse, just waiting to use for worm food. Truth be told, though, I wanted to die. At least my family and neighbors would be better off.
   Minutes passed that turned into hours. I grew impatient, wondering why death was taking way too long. Then I heard something. Footsteps. Death I wondered. I closed my eyes, thinking, if this is death, let him come for me right now.
   I heard a cough and voices, muttering. Are they guys or girls?
   “Be gentle with her, Liam.” “I am, Bro, chill. She is the Milsons’s rightful heir after all.” “We got to get her back to the Parlor ASAP.”
   “I let out a small moan. “What…” I managed out.
   The one named Liam said gently, “Don’t talk, Ms. Milsons. You’re safe with us now. You’ll be joining us real soon.”
   “But-But,” I stammered. What in the name of Skippy is going on here now?
   “Just rest. You’ll be all right.”
   OK, I reluctantly agreed. The last thing I saw was a big red neon sign in cursive writing: ASCENSION”S LIGHT
   Ascension’s light, I wondered, puzzled. Hmmmm……
   That is the last thing I saw before I slipped into a coma. The very last thing.

Well, you guessed it right. I became a vampire. The guys- their names were Liam and Pylori-taught me very well, even though I’m just a neophyte. They gave me strength, charisma, speed, and that’s right, immortality. I can only leave and be on the streets at nighttime and I have to be back at my home in the Ascension’s Light apartments.
I did have a few things to tie up. I murdered several people, if you called it that. But I didn’t drop blood or suck it. I don’t like to be messy, after all. But the person who was my favorite to kill was Uncle Chester. I found him in his lavish penthouse in West Gopher heights. He had a lot of company. Oops, 11 murders. The broad he had was quick, but the guards put one hell of a tussle.
I was a little theatrical, me wearing my band uniform and holding my flute. Just seeing him scream and shudder in dangerous agony made me sure to take my time yet careful not to drop blood.
If I got a little carried away, I apologize. I don’t mean to scare you.
Well, time for me to get back. Its almost morning. I had a lot of fun getting revenge. And it all started on the day that I died. Survived by callous family and useless friends. But there was no need for and obituary or a funeral; because the day that I died was the day I was a reborn lotus. My name is no longer Lacey Valerie Milsons, but Raven Thorn. And I am a lotus, reborn and vengeful. Being a vampire is going to be fun.