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Verse Writers Wanted
« on: November 20, 2011, 12:46:04 AM »
My name is Dwight GoldWinde.  My email is Dwight  (at)  GoldWinde  (dot)  com.

If you like, check me out on

My newly-formed company is looking for a writer (of poetry) to partner with us. If you fit this position, we will pay you for your writing. Your writing will be published worldwide through the forthcoming website

We need a writer immediately.

Please take our simple test to see if you might be fit for this position.

Our needs are very specific and are detailed in this link:

With appreciation,


Author of the book, "Courage: the Choice that Makes the Difference--Your Key to a Thousand Doors"

Forthcoming website>>>
     "The Poet" will write a custom poem for you about a friend or relative,
           based upon your answers to a few personal questions.
1-206-923-9554 (USA Telephone)
86-152-8815-6157 (China Telephone)
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