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Author Topic: Flash Fiction # 33 DEAD HEAT VOTE AGAIN!  (Read 919 times)

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Flash Fiction # 33 DEAD HEAT VOTE AGAIN!
« on: September 25, 2011, 04:11:45 AM »
Away you go - both stories are in the box below.
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Re: Flash Fiction # 33 DEAD HEAT VOTE AGAIN!
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Fallen Angel

Angelica had married him at seventeen; he being a few years older. Her mother had warned she was too young and he was a wrong ‘un. He was good looking, though. All the girls wanted him but Angelica was the lucky one. That was twenty-five  years ago.

The first two or three years had been fine. You are my Angel, he’d always said. Then the arguments  - she was spending too much on the kids; not showing him enough attention; not wanting enough sex. He’d started drinking and going out more. Or just not coming home. He’d also started womanising. Sleeping with whom he could, when he could. She’d been left just looking after the kids.

She’d been lonely. Married, but very lonely. She hadn’t planned the affair but day after day her routine was the same. Kids, school, housework. He was a divorced father she met on the school run. First they’d chatted, then became friends. It went further and she slept with him. Just once.  Racked with guilt, she confided to her husband, begging his forgiveness. Pleading for him to give her the love and comfort she needed.

It fell on deaf ears. She was now his ‘fallen Angel’. No matter he’d had dozens of affairs and one-night stands, she’d let him down. And didn’t he remind her. Every day he would taunt her; call her names; slut, whore; belittle her. Then the violence started. It started with an occasional swipe here and there. Then worsened. If they did have sex he was cruel and uncaring – sating his desires and not caring about hers – but finding it arousing to hurt and humiliate her.

They had grown apart – him out drinking every night, her alone watching TV, the kids having grown and left. It was watching CSI one night the idea hit her. Over the next three years she had raised his life insurance cover. She had learned long ago to copy his signature – it was often the only way to pay the bills when he was drunk.

Angelica  visited her poor mother every Wednesday and Saturday, but tonight she crept back into the house. Picking a rock from the garden, she brought it down hard on his drunken neck, snapping it in two, whilst he’d dozed on the sofa. Breaking the small kitchen window whilst making sure the glass fell inside, she also thrust a knife into his crotch. Using one of her father’s old shoes she made a footprint in the garden, before creeping away disguised in her mother’s borrowed old coat and wig, discarding the shoes in a waste bin miles away.

She arrived back home late, screamed and rang the Police. Her mother swore she had been with her all evening. A simple case, the Inspector said. A knife in the groin meant it was likely a lovers jealous husband. Case closed.

The insurance payment bought them a two-bedroom apartment by the coast.

She may be fallen, but she’d never been an Angel.

-See You at Eight-   

“Eddie, what are you doing here?”

Hi Mrs. Baker, Danna called an’ asked if I’d give her a ride; said it was important.”

“Oh my stars.  She didn’t tell you where she was going, did she?”

“Just said it was important.”

Tina Baker opened the screen door. “Come in. Better sit down.”


“You two have known each other for . . . your whole lives, right?”

“Sure, you know, well, third-grade. So, yeah-kinda. What are you gettin’ at?”

“The girls Danna works with convinced her to do that speed dating, again.”

Eddie clenched his jaw and ran his hand through his hair. “Ah . . . t-tell her, I-ah, shit. I’ll wait for her outside.”

“Wait. Please Eddie, talk to her. Talk her out of it.”

“What am I supposed to tell her?”

“Tell her not to do it. She’s gonna get hurt . . . again. She won’t listen to me.”

Seeing some movement, they both looked toward the stairs. “Mother, what are you telling him?”

“Oh honey, you look nice.”

Eddie nodded when Danna looked at him. “You do.”

“Thank you. Are you ready?”

“No. I’m not gonna do it.”

“But you promised.”

“Until I found out where you wanted, I mean, what you’re. No.” Eddie headed for the door waving his hands. “Not this time.”


“I’m sorry Danna.”

“Eddieeeee, why not?” Danna lightly touched the screen blocking his retreat.

Still shaking his head, Eddie looked her in the eye. “Don’t ask me to do this for you, not again.”

“But you’re my best friend.”

“You don’t get it do you?”


“This. Look at you.”

“Don’t you like it?”

“Oh God, Danna you don’t, you just . . . Okay yes. I like it. In fact, I love it. So would anyone that, that. No.” He pushed past her hand. “I’m not takin’ you.”


“Why? You wanna ‘why’. She wants- Okay, okay I’ll tell you. Because you suck at it. Picking men. That’s right you suck at it. I finally said it.”

Eddie walked out and half way down the steps to his car before turning around. “Last time Mr. Wonderful ended up being married. Oh, wait, so was the one before that. Only this time he put you in the hospital when you surprised him with a few balloons an’ a card.”

Turning back toward his car, Eddie took another step but pivoted on his heels. Danna paused at the edge of the porch while her mother hovered near the door. Every time Eddie remembered something further, his voice got louder and he jabbed circles in the air. “Then there was Ol’ Spike the biker that wouldn’t take no when he wanted you to snort a few lines.” Eddie turned his angry finger toward himself. “Who spend the rest of that night in the emergency room?” Seeing the tears in Danna’s eyes sickened him and his voice cracked. “Why can’t it be me? I fell for you at eight.”