Author Topic: MWC Olymp-Inks Mystery Photo Contest rules. Starts Sunday, 8 pm BST  (Read 913 times)

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MWC photo finish

   There will be five mystery pictures.  One will be posted each day Sunday to Thursday at or close to 8pm UK time.   This is a compromise so that the vast majority of you will be able to see it, despite the time differences.  This time is not subject to alteration or discussion.  Aussies will see it in their morning, Americans their mid-afternoon.

   The first correct entry wins.  So look out for the picture.

   You will be allowed up to three entries for each picture. You have 24 hours.  How's that for pressure?

   All entries by PM to Gyppo or Andrew.  Because we expect a lot of entries, for this and the Caption Contest please make sure you put Mystery Photo finish and the number, 1, 2, whatever, in the subject box.  Entries without this could get lost.  Hopefully not, but if things get really busy...

   Daily winners will be announced as soon as possible after close of play each day.

   There will be a sixth photo posted on the Friday for a daily winner's play-off.

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