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Author Topic: The ***Best*** Limerick of the Olymp-inks -- vote now  (Read 1530 times)

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The ***Best*** Limerick of the Olymp-inks -- vote now
« on: October 05, 2011, 03:39:11 PM »
A snotty old woman called Jill
used the mucous to give her a thrill.
It was slimy and green
with a phospherous sheen
and stank like a bucket of swill.

My wife has a wonderful trick
though it's given her neck a bad crick.
She'll hang from the light
it's a hideous sight
and launch herself onto my dick!

His is an interesting falsetto
whenever he drinks some palmetto
when folks hear him croon
they all dream and swoon
and can't wait to hear his libretto.

A banana was stuck in his ear
so far in that he just couldn't hear.
And with plums in his eyes
it was very unwise
to roller skate down on the peer.

There once was famous illusionist
Who was also a kind of confusionist
he did lots of tricks
with baseballs and sticks
and was really  an old self-delusionalist
A ballistic Nimrod from France
was arrested without any pants.
He laughed and he cried
and screamed as he tried
to post bail with a fairy-eyed dance

The King's wine began to ferment
so the steward had to invent
a way to replace
the wine by the case
to put up with the Queen's discontent

Verbatim my report I did give
about jiz that I'd strained through a sieve.
It went down quite well
when mixed in with Moselle
but the bouquet was somewhat elusive.

A salubrious drink we call gin
Can make a girl giggle and grin
and take off her clothes
right down to her hose;
hell, she'll never know where she's been

Good whiskey is made from the grain
Of malt that is best bought in Spain
and when it is drunk
one feels like a monk
and free from almost all pain
A sycophant whore from Dundee
kissed my arse while down on one knee.
It tickled a bit
when she tongued off some shit
then came round the front for some pee.

The drink caused him gout and gangrene
The worst sight you've ever seen.
He hated the fuss
That he caused on the bus
with the pus stinking, yellow and green.

Old Bobby had kind of a quirk
that made everyone grin and smirk
everytime he performed
with hist strangely deformed
people viewed Bob as a jerk.

A dimwit named Dave from Dundee
went out on his front porch to pee
but lightening struck first
he cussed and he cursed
but still he was done to a T

Ma could cackle and drink with the best
and didn't give a damn 'bout the rest
She'd drink all the rum
then sit on her bum
tossing men with her cavernous chest
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Re: The ***Best*** Limerick of the Olymp-inks -- vote now
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Please vote guys a vital 2 points hang in the balance for this. >:D

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Re: The ***Best*** Limerick of the Olymp-inks -- vote now
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Poll is now closed.