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2nd part, please let me know what you think
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Here's the second part, I have alot of twists in mind hope you enjoy..............

“Wake up it’s a beautiful morning” Good morning too all you mellowing out folks, this is Chris Raines and your listening to 102.5fm, our first song to start you off with this glorious shine sunning day is now playing.  Good choice to start the day off? You bet it is.

Rita takes a look at the time and it’s 6am. She rolls over and carries on sobbing her eyes out as the first song for the day is screaming out the speakers. “Beautiful morning…..” trust Chris Raines to pick this song and switches of her radio.  How much worse can I start this day off she thinks to herself while the scenes from last night play over on her mind. She didn’t sleep a wink all night, well so she thought.  The last she looked at the time was 5am, she must have dosed off at some stage between now and then.

On a normal day Rita would be up at 6am, head off to the gym, back for 7am, take Snoopy out for a walk, come back have a shower get dressed and out the door for 8:30am and off to work. But no not today as today was no normal day. In fact, she has never experienced anything as bad as this before in her whole life. First time for everything I guess.  Her life has crumbled, Josh is out of her life for good.  She didn’t quite understand how or why it happened. Nothing made sense unless his been lying about everything his told me. I thought he changed, he agreed to a new start, a new beginning with me and leave his old life behind him. We were in love and nothing was going to come between us, our love was so pure and genuine, our dreams and hopes were only a moment away until last night. And what were his reasons?
“This type of life isn’t for me, I can’t handle commitment, I’m bored with you and need something new and interesting in my life.”
”BASTARD” was all I can say. And that was it. He walked out my life without even waiting for my response or wanting to hear about my fabulous news not as though I was going to tell him especially after what had happened.  From then on I decided to go ahead on my own.

“Bastard” was the only words that kept ringing in his ears, he couldn’t actually believe what he had done and the things he had said to his one true love rather then owning up to what had happened instead of lying to her.  Once he arrived at Rita’s place, seeing her dressed in a soft baby pink dress, his favourite colour that made her look so fresh and innocent, he realised that she might have the news his been waiting for as long as he could remember but wasn’t prepared to hear it from her sweet mouth as he would not have been able to cope or continue with his lie, he had no choice and there was no turning back.

At the last moment before his confession he changed his mind and decided to tell her a lie so she could forget him, hate him, and despise him.  He didn’t have the strength to deal with all the questions of “I thought you changed… You promised… How could you do this…. How long have you been lying…?”
Oh what a fool he had been and now he had to suffer the consequences and go back to his miserable life. A life without his Rita, no hopes and dreams, they were all dead.  So why live? Why not end this all? Because although he had ended a new beginning before it even started, at the back of his mind he still carried that one little hope that he would be in his Rita’s arms again once his life was sorted as he couldn’t imagine a life with anyone else and until then he would have this aching pain in his heart, as the biggest part was now missing.
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