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« on: August 12, 2006, 03:26:38 PM »
Content Advisory: One mild swear word nearing the end

You woke me uptight
And thumped me with a clenched fist
A fist full of nails, broken and slight
Bent in the heat
Summer sun glazed

You pulled my hair
And forced a frown
Just to watch me cry
You scolded my sister
Took her hand and proceeded
     - to beat her.

I知 gonna break
I知 gonna collapse
I値l shift these chains from my bloody hands
I値l steal a moment
To cause you pain
That knife of yours
It still remains

Unused, untouched
奏il now as I summon the courage
to make my way to your slumber
I値l beat you down
To death among the roses

I stand, and you break
You collapse before me
After the deed is done
I fall helplessly

Sirens emerge and the day is at end
My trauma forgotten
Until you visit me again
My sleep is disturbed
My thoughts no refrain
Forever you値l haunt me
You evil $hit
May the Devil keep you
Keep you eternally in pain