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In a bar
« on: June 12, 2011, 07:20:53 PM »
The spider and the silk worm
to spin the best yarn
that might give them kudos
among the shaggy dogs
and the donkeys
holding up the bar

The web of intrigue
the arachnid made
caught them all
and the single strand
from the mulberry dweller
left them tongue-tied
so they agreed to
hang out and test
tensile strength
with an arm wrestling competition

but the villains gathered
in the Man in the Moon,
suited and booted,
all tooled up
and dressed proper

the women glittered
their silicone racks jiggled
as they giggled
at the bubbles in the ’poo
while the blokes’ broken noses
bobbed up and down
in pints of lager

there’d be no fighting tonight
no stabbing, no shooting,
not even an ’arsh word
if Biffo wanted one of their birds,
he was only out today,
the glamour of the underworld
could wait till tomorrow -
even arm wrestling