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Morales Inning's Gallery (revised post)
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If you so choose to read this script, a response of some kind would be much appreciated. Good? Bad? Interested? Confusing? Honesty is all I ask. Thank you.


Circa: 1955
The crowd is mostly African-American with a smattering of whites, mostly adult, all dressed warmly. They stream in one direction heading towards a small gathering of reporters.

The reporters jot down notes as they listen to the WOMAN IN THE CENTER, SARAH WILLIS late 20s.
With a seriousness, Sarah responds to questions. She responds to their joking remarks with POLISHED LAUGHTER.

Standing closely behind her is her fiance LAWRENCE, a black man also in his late 20s.

In a section of the crowd is ADVERSARY#1, a woman in her early thirties, winding through it as she heads towards Sarah. On her face is a vicious scowl.

In another section of the crowd, ADVERSARY#2, a black man in his early 40s holding hands with ADVERSARY#3, a black woman in her late thirties.

In another section is ADVERSARY#4, a white man in his early 60s, plow their way through, also heading for Sarah.
In another section is ADVERSARY#5 and ADVERSARY#6, both white men, in their 40s, both plowing their way through the crowd.

In another section of the crowd is ADVERSARY#7, early 30s, making his way, lifelessly, through it with a feeling of doom.

                                                                                                                                CUT TO:

Sarah now stands on a raised platform in front of a microphone as she speaks. Sitting behind her is Lawrence.

                                               The Awareness Press is the
                                               brainchild of necessity, of our
                                               desperate need for a deeper level
                                               of knowledge in regards to the
                                               workings of society.

The vicious eyes of Woman#1 are locked on the speaker. Man#5 remains in another world, deeply depressed.

                                                             SARAH (CONTD)
                                               The day when my fiance, Lawrence
                                               and I began gathering the financial
                                               resources needed for a quality
                                               publication, we had no idea if the
                                               public was ready for an honest
                                               expose on race relations in these
                                               turbulent times. We thought all we
                                               needed were more stories about our
                                               great singers and musicians, our

Adversasry #3 and #4 lock eyes on the speaker.

                                                              SARAH (CONTD)
                                                But now, with your response to The
                                                Awareness Press we see the desire
                                                for enlightenment is more alive in
                                                this country then ever before.

Devious, the eyes of adversary#2 surf the crowd.  A GREAT APPLAUSE, CHEERING that lasts one full
minute before dying down.

                                                              SARAH (CONTD)
                                                It shows that even with all the
                                                bazaar accusations coming from our
                                                leaders on capital hill, it will
Abruptly, a bellowing female VOICE breaks the silence of the crowd.

                                                              ADVERSARY #1
                                                       (a robust shout)
                                                 Sarah Tone is a card carrying

Members of audience turn and face the heckler. GASPS ripple through the crowd.

                                                               ADVERSARY #2
                                                        (a robust shout)
                                                 Sarah Tone is a long time member of
                                                 The American Communist Party!

Sarah looks at the heckler and all throughout the crowd, frazzled, bemused.

                                                               ADVERSARY #4
                                                        (a robust shout)
                                                  She speaks to you all today in
                                                  order to win your confidence! But
                                                  what she wants is for her
                                                  un-American beliefs to seep into
                                                  your conscious!

                                                                ADVERSARY #5
                                                         (robust shout)
                                                   We understand that your, being
                                                   Negroes, being recent
                                                   immigrants, you’re lost and you’re
                                                   looking for hope, but Sarah’s goals
                                                   are not the same as yours!

Now come the BOOS from the audience.

Up on the stage Sarah remains confused, not knowing who it’s intended for.

She hears VOICES in the crowd.

                                                                  VOICE #1
                                                    Sarah, say something!

Sarah just looks over the crowd, subdued and frustrated. She remains speechless.

                                                                  VOICE #2
                                                    Sarah, say something in your defense!
Sarah maintains the same disposition.

                                                                   VOICE #3
                                                    Is it true?!

                                                    Hell, no!

The BOOS grow louder. Woman #1 smiles, wickedly.

Up on stage, Lawrence stands, looking around at the commotion. He takes the mic.

                                                     My wife is not, nor has she ever
                                                     been associated with The American
                                                     Communist Party. McCarthy has
                                                     fingered her for political gain
                                                     just like he’s done so many others.

The BOOS continue, unabated.

                                                                    ADVERSARY #2
                                                     Sarah Tone is a communist trying to
                                                     destroy the dreams we have for our
                                                     children! Be wise and denounce her
                                                     for the world to hear!

The boos continue, growing even louder.

                                                     They are lying! They work for an
                                                     unethical cause! Stop acting

On Sarah as she listens, helplessly, to the BOOS.

On Sarah as her head is suddenly struck by an enormous stone. She collapses on one knee, holding her bleeding wound as Lawrence feverishly tends to her.

Adversary #1 explodes in LAUGHTER. Sarah looks into the audience as she holds her bleeding wound.

                                                    Who’s that laughing?

Lawrence immediately points to woman #1. Sarah looks at her as she flashes for Sarah a spiteful, grin. Sarah displays a monstrous glare in return. Adversary#7 remains silent, depressed as adversary #1 turns and looks at him, angrily.

                                                                   ADVERSARY #1
                                                     Say it. Say it like the rest of us.

                                                                   ADVERSARY #7
                                                           (barely audible)
                                                     Sarah Tone is a communist

                                                                  ADVERSARY #1
                                                     I said, say it like the rest of us.

He steals his nerve as he prepares to belt out,

                                                                  ADVERSARY #7
                                                            (a robust shout)
                                                     Sarah Tone is a communist

On stage as Lawrence embraces Sarah.

                                                                                                                            CUT TO:


Sarah spreads a newspaper that reads: "Friends closest to Sarah Tone fear that she has become the victim of foul play by pro McCarthy groups, the publicist for the Awareness Press now missing for close to a month."


Naked, Sarah walks over to the tub of RUNNING WATER. She climbs in as a SOPRANO SINGS classical music in the background. She sits and turns her face to the wall.

                                                        (sobbing voice)
                                                 My friends. Where were they? Where                
                                                 were they?

Lawrence enters and sees Sarah’s discolored, lifeless face floating in the tub, her eyes still wide open. In disbelief, Lawrence stares. Seconds later, he crumbles to his knees.

                                                       (sobbing voice)
                                                 Oh God. No. No.
                                                                                                                     FADE TO BLACK:
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