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Waiting for Love
« on: August 09, 2006, 11:13:15 AM »
I wonít wait forever
Iím not your little toy
Donít think Iíll wait beside you
Iíll find another boy

You said you really liked me
Strong enough to care
But you never call me
Youíre never really there

I liked you for a moment
I think that I still do
But I wonít be there forever
Donít you believe itís true?

I liked another boy you see
But he lived too far away
We talked for hours on the phone
With you I donít know what to say

I donít know why I like you
I just know for a fact that I do
For I get butterflies in my stomach
Everytime I think of you

Iíd hoped that after writing this
My feelings would be gone
But I know deep down inside me
That they will always live on
I have a passion to create a subject of the mind's desire; an object of affection for the innermost workings of the educated imagination.