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Steps Behind
« on: April 24, 2011, 08:58:20 PM »
(Feedback of any kind wanted and welcomed!)  :)
         Man, was she a sight standing there in a black camisole, faded shorts and tall cowboy boots. The light breeze caught hold of her auburn hair, lifting pieces into the air blowing them around. Upon her head sat a wide brimmed cowboy hat, blocking out the hot glowing sun from her face. It illuminated the rest of her tanned skin, causing her hair to shine red.
   She lifted the last bag of grain onto the back of a pick-up truck and gave the driver, a similar looking guy, a thumbs up. He smiled back and opened his mouth, but his words were drowned out by the sound of the truck. Whatever he said, she looked over her shoulder to see me there.
   She smiled at me and motioned for me to wait a second. Turning her back on me she shooed the truck away. As soon as it was out of sight, she walked over to where I was standing. The smile on her face was big and bright, dimples coming out to highlight the innocence she held. Emerald green eyes, big and magnificent, stared into mine.
   Nothing could ever amount to the sheer beauty portrayed on her face. Everything on her was perfect from her cute button nose to her long slender legs. Small heart-shaped lips taunted me, daring me to see for myself just how soft they really were. I wanted to reach out and stroke her cheek, pouring all my love for her into it.
   She said my name, and I felt my knees grow weak. My name was perfect coming out of those lips, playing on her tongue. She wrapped her arms around my neck, giving me a hug. I wrapped my arms around her, loving the feel of her pressed against me, safe in my arms. It was over too soon though leaving a gap of air between us.
   She stepped back and waved, turning around to run back to dun colored horse all tacked up and ready to ride. She didnít know. She really didnít know. She didnít know how special she was to me at all. How every time we touched, she filled me butterflies and sent an arrow straight into my heart, anchoring me down farther than I was before. She didnít know, and it killed me.
   I watched her ride away; felt my hopes take a dive off the deep end. It was from where I stood to a couple of feet in front of me where she held me. She didnít bring me closer than that, nor did she push me farther away.  I knew, deep down, thatís  where I would always stand. I would always be one step behind her, just out of reach of her and her heart. I may be done with trying for her, but I would never be done with loving her.
"None but ourselves can free our minds." ~Bob Marley

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Re: Steps Behind
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Hi - the Gallery is normally just to showcase a piece and share with others without criticism.  :)

If you would like to move this to the Review My Work board, let me know.

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