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I just realised...
« on: April 23, 2011, 03:57:27 AM »
I was looking through my first three chapters of my novel this morning, wondering what I have got here as a whole as opposed to the last attempt.  I recently cut my original first two chapters.

I can see now that when a publisher opens the book for the first time, I have now pushed the story along a lot quicker than I had before.  I have almost got a beginning, a middle and an end of the first part of the story and it really does MOVE now,  whereas if I had sent my chapters on the 2010 copy I would have got to chapter three before the story moved on.  

I feel this is something everyone ought to consider when they write a novel.  How quickly can you catch the publisher/agent's eye to make them want to read all of the chapters.  Do you keep moving the reader on to better things?  Do you have your reader in mind when you write those chapters?  In the earlier version I was writing for me - now I am writing for my readers. Also by cutting the chapters (Yes I know this is your baby and you have spent hours editing those chapters) you probably didn't need them anyway.  Chapters one and two made an excellent outline for the story!  Cut them and now I am into the story -  Bang!

Just thought I'd pass this on - Perhaps you have a - 'just realised' moment you want to share.  Might help others too.

Lin x
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