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Adoption Rules in the UK
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Does anyone out there know about Adoption Rules between 1948 and 1986?

The character in my novel was adopted and my editor says I have an obligation to find out the legal rules - Here is an extract from a letter in my novel.  Rob's father was a psychiatrist. Rob was adopted.

I have placed this letter with the solicitor in case the adoption rules change in the future or something else changes which will allow you to know your true identity

This is what my editor says

You need to be clear on this, so this device is believable.

The character Rob is 32 years of age and his mother died and left the letter.  The only reason he received this now is that his father in later years passed away and the siblings are searching for their brother.  The solicitor has found Rob at last.  But would the adoption Society have been able to tell him had he asked before this?  - he has never bothered to find out before until he got a phone call.  

Here is an excerpt  from the letter,  I am working on it at the moment. Is this feasible? Evenutally Rob does meet with his real sister and brother. Remember 21 was the age of consent in those days.  What doesn't work and what does?  I wrote to the adoption society who promised me a reply but I never got one.  Can't wait now must get on with the story.  Rob was 32 in 1986.

Robís heart beat faster as he read the words Ďmental healthí.

You have a younger brother, Bruce, and a sister Penny, who at the time of writing, are still living at home with me. It is my wish that one day you will find each other.
I am sure this letter will shock you and I apologise for the upset it may cause, but you see your father was much older by 6 years and that was one of the reasons why I had to give you away.  My mother was strict and old fashioned in her ways and she didnít approve, even though I know he would have married me.  I was only eighteen and Mum couldnít take the scandal.  They sent me away to a life of hardship and much sorrow during the pregnancy. One little mistake and it cost me my happiness for many years.  If only I could have found you, you would not be reading this letter. Your real father is a good man and we are all proud of him. I have placed this letter with the solicitor in case the adoption rules change in the future or something else changes which will allow you to know your true identity. I have given instructions that if anything should happen to me, you will somehow receive this letter. I donít know if they will ever find you. My heart aches to think I may never see you. I am writing this because it makes me feel better to know that one day you might read it. If you do read this please get in touch with the person who gave it to you. I want you to know I always loved you.
Your loving mum
Fiona Haines

Fiona Haynes spent years looking for Rob.  She never found him and neither did his father.  Rob never bothered to look it was only Penny and Bruce his real brother and sister who pushed on behalf of their mother to look for Rob in the present day (1986) They got tired of the sadness of their mother and her depression.  So when she died they promised her to try and find their brother.

I only want to know if this works or not?

Lin x

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