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A piece of my play.
« on: August 07, 2006, 09:28:49 AM »
This is one of the early scenes of a play I am constructing. I have to go soon so I cant explain it in detail at the moment, the basics here is its a scene with two lovers, a chieftains son who is in love with a slave girl when he is supposed to marry another chieftains daughter.

Liam: By my will, I do beg of you, do not stray from the destiny we do most deserve.
And my love for you, oh it does stretch as far as all the stars in the night sky, and yay to my content it meets no horizon.  Our love is intertwined Graine, no matter how much we do struggle to abandon it, it prevails to make be a propriety of us. Your love consumes me Graine, fills my heart with glee. Your web of love has caught me Graine and will not set me free nor do I wish it to set me at such a liberty of misery.

Graine: The time for merrymaking is over.

Graine: Oh Liam, these words of yours speak as sweat as nectar on a summers morning, but I beseech you that though I love you with all my heart, are love is not meant to be. You are to wed Windrid and bring peace between the two clans, your father would never reward us with the delicacy of marriage, for I am a mere slave girl, you are Fearduids son.

 Liam: But Graine does not love take the highest value in this world that we do so occupy.

Graine: Yes love does have in its possession of properties the highest value, but does not that make it all the harder to purchase.

Liam: Graine

Graine: No Liam, I want no part of this, it pains me to anticipate this seemingly inevitable outcome, do not persuade me to climb higher so that when I do fall it makes it all the pain fuller.

Liam: Graine please

.Im sorry (she runs off)

Liam: My stocks of love for you are plentiful. Graine, please do halter youre.

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Re: A piece of my play.
« Reply #1 on: August 08, 2006, 09:18:58 PM »
Good work! But I noticed that Liam seemed to repeat Graine's name too often. You might want to delete a few mentions of it.