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from book to movie
« on: April 05, 2011, 11:29:23 AM »
The question on movies.

The movie: “A body of Lies”, adapted from a novel by David Ignatius.

I intend buying the book in order to compare the differences. I found something interesting in one scene while watching the DVD

In this scene, the head of the Jordanian secret police (Mark Strong –brilliant) asks a CIA agent (Leonardo DeCaprio – also brilliant) if he is being truthful, he asks him three times and each time the agent denies his deception.
Q. (If you have seen the film) What takes place in the background – action and sound – during this short scene? And with what would you compare it with?

I watched the “specials” on the DVD, but there was no mention of it (must be the cheap edition) something that normally would have been discussed, as it was done rather discreetly and might have been missed as the scene was very tense.

I shall eventually get around to reading this book and I wonder, will this same scene appear in the book, in exactly the same way.

Does anybody else have similar questions on movies from books (no bloopers please).