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and one more piece :)
« on: August 02, 2006, 08:22:59 PM »
i'm crying. he's walking out and slamming the door. the rain beats against the solid glass window and i want to tell him to stop. i want to tell him that he'll catch cold- take an umbrella. or better yet- stay. i look around the dark room and everything seems so desolate. the silence surrounds me and it's almost deafening. i know outside there is a world of chaos and confusion; blaring car alarms, violent rain drops pouring out of an angry grey sky, pollution, sirens, honking horns. and inside i'm alone. i'm curled up in a ball sniffling, shaking. get up! stop crying! he's just a man. i look around the apartment. pictures everywhere. who ever said pictures were a good idea? smiling, happy, cheerful, condescending faces staring down at me telling me i've failed. i'm rocking back and fourth holding my favorite picture of us. we're laughing at something off in the distance- i don't remember what. it's one of those "mistake" pictures that no one is conscious of until after the flash has gone off. i love pictures like that. we're one of those "mistake" couples. he's dangerous when he's got that fire in his eyes. that's why i love him. he's got passion. i can feel him next to me- but never more then he wants me to feel. he lets me get close- but never as close as i want to be. i'm dangerous when i've got that fire in my eyes. i don't mean to be hurtful- it's the fire. i'm crying. he's walking back in the door soaking wet. i want to get up and dry him off. make him tea. tuck him into bed and stroke his hair as he lays his head on my chest. i can't move my legs. i can't speak. i can't hear what he's saying- he's speaking so softly. i hope he's apologizing. i hope he's forgiving me. i hope he's come back to stay.