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this is my whole story so far im working on the sixth chapter
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The Love Letter
 By: Maddie
 Partly typed by:Summer
Chapter one
Day one

 It’s the 7th and once again I was pushed into the garbage can by the jocks. All because of my stupid love life. Wait a minute let me start all over. It was the 15th of July, it was a hot sunny day, mom was at work, dad was at the workshop; and my little sister was at ballet class, and normally I have something to do when they are around. My sister I usually have to play dolls with; my dad I have to go out and get him things. Mom normally has me cook 24 7. So I’m here home alone and nothing to do. Just sitting here playing my guitar, Ben Kweller to be exact tripping over my feet, and seeing what’s on your MTV. I am just completely bored out of my mind. I feel like calling my friend, but she’s out of town. So here I am, Chris Benson (I’m a girl) Long blonde hair, blue eyes, kind of on the short side, not a loser yet I'm not really popular, and still no boyfriend. It was the next day it was time for school and I had to get up and all that other junk in the morning. So after all that I went outside and waited for the stupid bus to come and pick me up, gosh I hate riding the bus! So I got to school and opened my locker next to the jerk I have to stand by. So I finally got to homeroom and I was once again, late. And do you know what they do to the kids that are always late?! They get pink slips and get sent to Rac for 3 days just because you were late. Well first class, the boringest class of the day, because I have a boring old lady teaching us about health! I HATE health class; not just because it’s boring but because they won’t tell us the things we want to know. Like our body they teach us about our “Vital organs” which by the way is the most boring thing ever! I want to learn about how our bodies are put together, like our bones. They don’t even ask for suggestions for topics on what we are learning about and that are so boring. Well I made it through health now get ready for the “exiting ride of math”! Well before the “exiting ride” I have to go to my locker and before my locker is the boys’ bathroom. So when I get there it smells like someone that hasn’t taken a bath in three months, talk about eww. Finally I got to my locker and right before I got there “POW”! I got smacked in the face by the locker of the jerk right next to me. So I went to the nurse and of course it was bleeding. So the nurse waited until the bleeding stopped cleaned me up and had me on my merry way. Math today was terrible cause I was late again but I didn’t have rac because I had a note from the nurse. So here is my last period lunch! YEA! I love lunch it is the only time of day I can see my friends. My friends are all in different classes so, that is why it’s great to have lunch. So I met up with Erica (my BFF) she was awesome and she had just what I wanted and I had just what she wanted! So that’s why we always call each other the day before the next day so we can tell our moms what we don’t want. Pretty clever eh. Well we finished our food got a pass and headed out side for free time, because we still had a half hour to hang out at school with our buds. We met up with our other friends like usual. We always have our days planned everything is always the same, at least for now.
Chapter two
Day two

Well the next day was Saturday and I went outside to get the newspaper and I noticed that there was a note in our bag. It said, “I love you Chris Benson I may be in a completely different world from you but I love you.” to: Chris
From: Your secret admirer
This was soo awesome! I had never had a secret admirer plus he was POPULAR. I had to call all of my friends! First I called Jenny and I told her and she totally freaked! She was so happy for me, that she even called people that I didn’t even know! Then I called Ashlee; she had the same reaction as Jenny except the calling people that I didn’t know. So then I called Kaitlyn and then Annie and then Hilary and…wait I don’t have anymore friends to call (lol). So after all of them I called the most important of all (no offence to my other friends) and you know what she did, she screamed louder than anyone I have ever heard! I said you can calm down and she said “calm down, calm down, how am I supposed to calm down when my best friend has a secret admirer and I don’t”!!! She was mad I didn’t want her to kill me so I said, “then don’t calm down”. She said “ok then! I won’t”! Then she said her mom was calling her and that we would discuss this tonight over the movie of the week at of course her house because my parents wont even let us watch PG so we are going to her house to watch a rated PG-13 movie. She never told me what movie though. So I had nothing to do so I strummed my guitar and I'm stumped on what the song is gonna be.

Chapter 3
Day 3
Finding out the truth

Well of course before Erica came over she was in charge of invites this time so here is the guest list she emailed me
   Tori
   Jenny
   Ashlee
   Kaitlyn
   Annie
   Tyler (girl)
   Fall out boy members (she has her ways to do so love them)!!!
   Oreo
   Charlie

That’s a great guest list! I can’t believe that fall out boy is gonna be there!!!!!!!!!!!!! Of course though Erica and I will be there. Then I had to make the stuff list so this is what I came up with
   Oreos
   sodas
   chips
   candy(my specialty)
   water
   popcorn
   Capri suns ( not all of us drink soda but I do)
   fruit
   veggies     
So none of us want to get fat so we have to have some good foods and we are also having steak for dinner because we all sleep over at Erica’s house and watch movies and talk. Tonight's main topic is… the secret admirer! AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH! I hate it when I am the main topic of the night!

Chapter 4
That night

Well here it was I was on my way to “Erica’s big bash of the girls’ year of 200000000000006” at least that’s what all of the flyers said. You had to be on the flyer in order to be able to go and since Erica was popular in a way (like she could hang out with who ever she wanted and date whom ever she wanted). So all of us could date and hang with who ever we wanted without being labeled. Some labels are good but a lot of them are BAD so we don’t have to be afraid of being labeled. Back to the list though since Erica was popularer than we were (just by a centimeter though). She was more popular than we were because she hung out with a lot of other really popular kids but she hung out with us more (we’re special). Back to what I was saying (again) if you weren’t on the list for her big bash because if you weren’t invited that meant you weren’t popular enough to go and then its soooo funny because after the weekend of the party the person that wanted to and didn’t get invited freaks on Monday. Here I am in front of her house where I would be beaten with Q & A’s of everyone that’s there! Well wish me luck in there.

Chapter five
The torture

Well as I walked up the stairs to her front door I was shaking (not only because I was nervous also because it was freezing outside and I didn’t bring a jacket). It is so hard to talk to other girls about a secret admirer that you just got in a newspaper that morning! When I got to the door I saw everyone that she had invited (including the dogs). It was scary! Everyone was staring and the worst part is that they were all staring at me. I knew what all of them were thinking, they were all thinking “I know she's gonna run off so we need a rope some hand cuffs and a chair” and I knew what that meant. That meant that they were ready for some Q&A beat down time. Oh no and I'm the one being beaten down! So then somebody broke the silence (of course Erica did) and said “okay girls its time for… Question Chris! This game is simple all you have to do is … question Chris! So here are the rules only one speaker or questioner sat a time, only one person talks. Most importantly no I repeat no repeating a question I mean the most annoying thing is when someone isn't listening!” this is going to be the worst Saturday of the year.ugh.