Author Topic: Discovery Channel: Many things are not as they seem... or are they?  (Read 891 times)

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I have not written in many years…
Each year echoes with the stillness of eternity..
…even now I can still hear its quietness..
…the gripping hold that weakens my will in its poison

Now I have a vehement pen in my hand,
Girdled with a tongue vicious in my mouth,

I don’t feel any different.

Like it not that waiting has eloped with excitement?
Will it be now I know I have always had what I wanted?
Lying dormant. A seed awaiting its growth.
Starved in the dark to quicken in the light?

I discovered one thing standing through these periods of drought..
…One thing that will remain after we have long left this place..

…that what you think you have not, you have…
And what you think you have, you have not…   

With the stroke of a finger | with the sleigh of one hand | all of us become gods...