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The Sourcebook
« on: July 31, 2006, 12:26:42 AM »
This is the prologue to my novel.  The novel is currently called The Sourcebook (due to change) and it is a childrens fantasy book (maybe for older readers)
The Globe (Prologue)

Upon instant impact, the horrendous stench is painful; it saturates the atmosphere and fills your nostrils like… well, one of the gods themselves had stuck their finger up them. Any mortals that enter this room will die instantly; and immortals will leave with nauseas and cramps; preceding which, they will pass out for seventy-seven years, seven months, seven days, same with the hours, and not to be precise, seven minutes and seven seconds. The gods’ favourite number.
This room is blacker than night, but brighter than day. Shadows batter their way across the walls, warding off the intruding light. If you look above the quivering glow, you see a distorted reflection of yourself, as you would in a funfair mirror house. To the gods this is humour. Yes, they are a humorous lot…
There is a heart-pain low hum or vibration that rumbles your ears vigorously; whether it is a figment of your imagination, as could be with the rest of this place, it is hard to tell.
The floor is lined with Carpet- not a carpet, but Carpet himself. If you have mortal feelings, it’s like a mixture of confusion, fear, and hidden security- believing there is something below you, yet can you be sure?
None of this affects the gods as they have a natural immunity to it; after all they did make it.
Nevertheless, somewhere in the vast expanse, there is a pleasant fragrance in the air, but it prefers to carefully hover at the top of the room, well away from the sickening odour below.
Moving on, in the centre of this abstract place is an old, moulding table, on which sits The Globe.

Although Fate first thought of the idea of The Globe, it is said, The Globe is designed, created and named by all gods. This mysterious object contains all life (except for that of its creators). It is separated into different lands to avoid conflict- that is a different story. It is possible to trespass into each of other the worlds but you would simply have to have an extremely long attention span, which is hard to have living in some of the worlds. At the top of The Globe, with the flickering lights, is Lasaneim, the land of the elvys. It might be that you imagine elvys wondering dreamily through streets to the sound of harp music in everlasting bright lights. Yet, in the real world this is rare.
Aerial-wise most of Lasaneim is warm greenery, it stretches for many miles and only does it darken near the Edges. There are many types of elvys and they can easily be classified into their main groups according to their habitats. Some elvys live up in the tops of trees; some in the bottom; some in burrows; in woodland; and others in plains.
The countryside is vast and luxurious. Trees play a major role in the life of Elvys. The fruits of a tree symbolise every living thing the tree protects. The aroma of home cooking prances merrily through the air, showing off today’s meal.
Nowadays, some Elvys even live in buildings. Up by the northwest is a building city. The suburb of the city, like any modern day one, is peaceful and contains features of both the town and countryside. The buildings can be occupied by any type of elv, as long as they are ‘important’ to the world. Nobles and elites dwell in such magnificent houses. Competition is high and the weak are trodden over; elvys would enslave those of their own family without second thoughts if it meant a place amongst the suburbs. To live in a building, there are three things an elv must promise to: wealth; loyalty- loyalty to the official royals of Lasaneim; and greed.
However, once you have secured your place amongst the riches, rest assured you’ll die happy.
The buildings are much larger, much roomier, and much Out of all the buildings, the most spectacular has to be the royal palace: embroidered with jewels and light, it rises proudly and more powerful than the others do. The elvyn King and Princess live there, guarding and ruling their precious Kingdom. Mean whilst, the Queen, a peaceful Lady, earns her keep underground; she looks after the creatures that keep the kingdom alive. It is also believed the Muses often visit her, singing their mesmerizing songs, sending all those who don’t belong to the Lasaneim back to where they came from, returning with no recollection of their near death experience.

Looking back at the Globe as a whole, you should notice a dark, foggy patch at the bottom. This is Bavengor, the land of the Dwarves. A lot of it is uninhabited. Bavengor, on the whole, is bare and life is inconspicuous; the ground consists of sulphuric substances traced with calcium carbonate. There are very few trees as they are used for firewood and housing. Most life of the land dwells in the ruins of the old dungeons; all that is left of the dungeons is what can be roughly recognised as a large, gloomy cave scattered with many empty halls. Standing by the entrance you will neither see nor hear anything or anyone. Any guard would be off, trying to find something a bit more exciting to do; after all, they have never been under any threat of trouble, so why bother? If you follow the right passages, you will eventually come to terms with possibly the rowdiest place you have seen. The dining hall, it is always orange from the light and the immense amount of heat given of by the large furnace, with sits at the back of the long hall. Chairs are scattered over the floor and one large community table patiently stands in the centre. Sitting, standing, rolling, falling- as they please, around, under and on top of the table are Dwarves. Drinking, fighting and talking to their health, they spent nearly all of their fun-filled life here. But don’t be mistaken: dwarves are hard-workers, after all they were the first to discover how to control fire, make tools and all the other basic things needed to survive.
Once again, you can hear happy song; then again, this is normal to all worlds.
Except to one.

Without its inhabitants, Indignus World is a normal world: Time passes and extraordinary things happen at the click of Fate’s finger. The humble inhabitants seem happy enough living there; then again, they have not witnessed anywhere else to be able to criticise Indignus. It excellent place to ‘get a job and live well’, which was their feeling for life. Those who had managed to witness another place and spoke badly of Indignus were instantly burned for blasphemy.
No happy music sounds in the long, grey winding streets, as they do in other places; perhaps it is a long lament, coming naturally from the hearts of the habitants- not knowing their true selves. The sky is tepid blue and littered with grey clouds, unlike the whites that float over Lasaneim. The pavements are patterned with a mixture of brown and grey stones, making it even more the merrier. Even worse, this place was 'blessed' with seasons - a kind gift from Fate herself. The reason why this place is so depressing goes back many generations. All the mortals who had fled from the Great Battle* were sought out, dumped on the Indignus World and left to die; instead, they turned to making magic and babies. The people soon thrived and claimed this world as their own to hide the embarrassment of the past. However, nowadays magic is done to prove them worthy; the old reason has been forgotten and thrown away with the rest of their humiliating history.


Now, I'll tell you I really love honest feedback, so fish for many mistakes and things that bug you and tell me! I wont bite ^_^