Author Topic: A Brother is loose in the world  (Read 863 times)

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A Brother is loose in the world
« on: July 28, 2006, 11:13:11 PM »
I was so hungry that during the middle of a rainstorm, I decided to go to the store, about a quarter of a mile away. As I was huddled against the rain walking along a lonely red dirt trail in the dark, I heard music, it was an old Beatles tune, and I, of course, started singing along. “Come together, right now, over me”
    That put a little zip in my step and as I walked past this small house, out under a covered veranda there was this guy who called to me to come over out of the rain, in English. So, to get out of the rain I went over, intrigued. Under the veranda was everything that someone would need for comfort out of doors. It was set up like an airy living room complete with T.V., stereo and speakers. There was furniture and sitting in a deep green, velvet armchair that had seen many a better day was George. He was American, slightly over sixty years of age, slightly built and slightly unkempt and bedraggled, with slightly long blonde hair. When I looked into his washed out blue eyes, they shone slightly as if from the inside and I thought at that time that George might be slightly off, if you know what I mean. I said hi and George began to talk and I began to listen politely, because to see an American who obviously lived in the center of the Venezuelan outback was like…wow. It only took a moment to realize that I was listening to a man who was not all there. As a mental health professional, many possible diagnoses automatically came to my mind. He was certainly delusional, possibly with schizoid tendencies, manic because of the pressured thought and speech patterns.
     I listened to George as I would to a client. He jumped from subject to subject and it was impossible to have a linear understanding of what George was saying but certain themes kept popping up; he hated the gooks because he spoke of cutting their throats several times during the few moments I allowed him to vent his feelings, He could walk into government offices freely because he described several times how he embraced this official and that one, especially those who were in charge of the mineral rights in Venezuela. He was the king of a mountain and very, very rich. He got screwed and betrayed by those that he thought of as friends and he sorely missed the people that were closest to him, while he lived courageously among the gooks.
    This was all delivered in a disjointed and disconnected discourse and I was looking for ways out of there after a few minutes. I knew, from experience that if I didn’t get a word in edgewise and disconnect, George could and probably would talk all night being as disturbed as he obviously was. I knew from the severity of George’s presentation that this was normalcy for him and I felt very sad. I felt the loneliness of George above all and the lack of being understood… so I gave him a few more minutes because him being a fellow American and all and of my generation and all and then with a practiced clinical aikido move, I verbally took two steps back and one to the side and was out of there. All that I could think was…damn.

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Re: A Brother is loose in the world
« Reply #1 on: July 29, 2006, 12:42:18 PM »
I quite liked this story but I think you used the sord slightly too many times here: 'slightly built and slightly unkempt and bedraggled, with slightly long blonde hair' and all too many times here: 'and all and of my generation and all and'.

The rest was reat! Post more!