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Independent Publishing - the Wild Wild West
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Independent authors are the new pioneers. Go West Young Man became the mantra for the Nineteenth Century migration. Adventurous and bold men and women packed all of their belongings into a wagon and headed west with dreams of a better life. The mantra for the Twenty-First Century might well be - Go Independent Young Man.  Only now that mantra applies to both young and old, both men and women. The world of Independent Publishing is full of pioneers breaking trails and bushwhacking their way through the wilderness of eBooks and eBook promotion.

Amazon is selling more eBooks than traditional books. Amazon, one of the largest retailers of books, reports since mid-year 2010 they have consistently been selling more eBooks than printed books. While industry analysts predicted that Amazon was likely to sell 2 to 3 million Kindle eBook readers in the year 2010, actual numbers are reported to be over 8 million.

Amazon’s list of Kindle bestsellers is full of Independent Authors. Amazon’s “Bestsellers in the Kindle Store” which lists the top 100 titles (and is updated hourly) is full of independent authors. As of this writing, Amanda Hocking, 26-year-old Indie Author (as Independent Authors are often referred to) has a staggering 5 novels in this top 100 list (#37, #44, #57, #58, #60). Right now, one of her novels is higher in ranking than recent offerings from John Grisham and James Patterson. That fact alone is astounding, but the truly amazing part of the story is that Amanda Hocking’s first published novel appeared April 15, of 2010. She currently has 8 full-length novels and one novella available for purchase. Since April, she has sold over 900,000 copies of...    Click to read rest of article