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Poem: Lost Soldier
« on: February 19, 2011, 05:18:59 AM »
Lost Soldier

When a cool breeze blows
Softly across my face,
My mind takes me back
To another time and place.

I recall the dreams we shared
And the smile upon you face;
Those were such happy times
That vanished without a trace.

At times I see you there
In shadows of the night,
But only in my dreams or
A trick of morning light.

Still I wait for you just as
I did on that fateful day;
Across the ocean you flew
To help keep terror at bay.

When I hear a bugle play or
Feel a rumble in the ground,
I continue to hope and pray
That someday you are found.

Years have come and gone
And soldiers are coming home;
Somewhere you are all alone,
Beneath layers of sandy loam.

When a cool breeze blows
Across the dusty battlefield,
I can see you standing there,
And know my heart will heal.

~Mildred Stinson Brown  5 Jun 2010

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Thank you, for sharing....The poem is beautiful.

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i like..awsome