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A hero unknown
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  He could have been a hero in any war.  He knew that without a doubt.  If called upon by his country, he was sure he could answer the bell.  “Hand that weapon to me and turn me loose,” he would shout to his superiors, not thinking of the risk, or that his life could end in a second.  He had no attachments.  A wife, nor child, not even a lover waited for him.  There was no one.  There was nothing romantic about him.  No one stood with hands in prayer, or worried or fretted about what could befall him.  It was a lonely feeling, and yet, he knew he had the making of a hero.  Maybe, when it was over, when the smoke had cleared and a warm summer breeze blew over the cemetery, someone, a stranger perhaps, would walk among the cold monuments and pause for a moment before his small stone with only his name and the years he had been on earth etched in the white stone, and wonder what cause this man had died for.

It would be enough.

Most people live and die
with their music still unplayed.
They never dare to try.

~ Mary Kay Ash