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Despite efforts at community relations
competition is hot between neighbours,
they sweat the outcome in Rangersí shirts
or couture bought from Logans or McKillens
to keep up appearances as they garden
by planters and tubs filled with begonias,
petunias and aubretia  that cascades
in tendrils, flowerheads coiffed to perfection
they vie with each other to create
the most attractive display
and tell each other upstairs over lunch
or a jar in The Thatch public bar

the annual entente floriale
verges on fanaticism,
a familiar expression here
though not always cordiale,
the residents want to retain the title
and they donít speak much French here anyway
itís Ulster Scots

among the Stepford wives
and Presbyterian doorsteps
festooned with hanging baskets,
purple and orange are popular
along with red, white and blue
the same as the pennants,
a masterclass in skillful coordination
to complement the summer palette;
harmony reigns on the Twelfth parade

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And as today is 'The Twelfth' - thought I'd bring this back to the front. Local riots and bombscares -- the usual drunk-fuelled rubbish. >:(