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long-sad- poem Our Angels
« on: January 13, 2011, 04:34:24 PM »
Our Angels
by Janice Sanford

 Baby, there is no way
I could have prepared you
for the day God took
a piece of your heart away.

For as you see now
there are no words
to describe the emptiness
the void that losing
a child leaves behind.

The fullness and emptiness
that a child can add to
our lifetime.

I know your pain is great
and God knows
I know right now you are
just learning how
to live off the memories
of your precious child.

I know right now you
have a burden that seems
to heavy to carry....

The sun will shine again
if only
you can remember
the fullness and emptiness
of carrying your child
inside your womb.

Your angel has now
joined hands and hearts
with my angel.

Together, they smile down
on us, and their smiles
are filled with so much love
we can feel their love
in the warmth of the sunbeams
touching us in the day
just as our angels can feel
our love in heaven's
flower garden-where
together, they
run and play.

This poem is written for my daughter
She lost her sister[age 22] in 1993, and her son[age 21] in 2010.